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Of which will come from the intercontinental ballistic missile system and surveillance plane systems acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan. He told reporters on Friday that quotes, we we have very smart people here in the department, and we have found ways to do this without having any impact on readiness. He did spend part of Saturday along the southern border in mcallen, Patrick Shanahan said he intends to accelerate planning to secure the US Mexican border, and bolster the homeland security department's ability to do its mission continue its military help. He also offered assurances to perhaps two dozen border patrol agents and other officials in the mcallen border patrol station that the Pentagon would not withdraw its military support prematurely. Shanahan said quote. We're not going to leave until the border is secure. This isn't about identifying a problem. It's about fixing a problem. More quickly. Shortfalls in personnel and other resources have led to periodically ask for the military is on the border without a plan on how to fix the underlying resource problems. There you go that story from t- Texas State network now, Texas, according to this story from the Associated Press could be hit hard by this new immigration package. That's being considered by the president. It's all part of an e verify system. The White House will reportedly be pushing for mandatory employment checks on the e verify system. It would take away the magnet of job even for those who overstay visa but rice university's Mark Jones says it would hit hard small businesses. And the agriculture industry would lose workers. The Trump administration comes up with a really robust visa program to allow them to import seasonal agricultural workers. Sunday show fewer than one third of Texas hires are screened with verify in increases the cost of doing business which in turn is passed onto the customer day. Oh, that's newsman. John Dempsey reporting. No doubt about it. And that will be far reaching all kinds of fields. Not only. Agriculturally construction on and on and on we we know the drill here. We know what's going on. And it's going to be best jump in here at five one two eight three six zero five ninety now. Also, the news you remember the story. Just last week. We talked about it a little bit about this missing four year old girl. In a rest has now been made in the case of this four year old Houston area girl that went missing last Thursday, 26-year-old dairy and Vance who first reported the disappearance of Malaysia Davis last week. He was arrested on charges of tampering with evidence and could face a murder charge. He was the one that said a group of Mexicans beat him up and took the child default a false report. Jay did. Well, Vance told police that he malaria in his two year old son had been abducted by men who also stole his car, but surveillance video shows. Vance driving the same car and possibly stashing me as body hidden inside a laundry basket in the trunk of God. Yeah. The same basket was found in the trunk and cadaver dogs reacted to the sense of human a human body decomposing, basically vehicle earlier this year Malayan or brothers had been removed from the home by CPS after she suffered a head injury. Vance is currently being held at a one million dollar bond. What a loser. Yeah. Yeah. Mob came out over the weekend said, yeah, he's got some issues and. Yeah. Away from the man with the issue issues. Yeah. How about monster? Let's go with that. Yeah. No kidding. But it'll be interesting to see how this unfolds. Yeah. You know, these days if try to come up concoct a story like that that's going to that's going to fall apart very quickly with all the technology and everything, and I gotta last seven fifty here on the Todd Don show, and well, it looks like the subpoenas are going to continue towards the Trump administration. Just can't stop the just can't stop doing this. What would you got nothing else? What are you gonna do? It's true. You know? I mean, that's all the got. That's all they got Pena's over legislation. They have no candidates. They have absolutely nothing to have. No. They have no platform. They have. No, well, they do they have a platform. Well, yet, they free healthcare free education and open border. Okay. Yeah. I mean, that's that's the platform issued a slew of subpoenas in recent weeks targeting President Trump. And his administration including a subpoena for his capture terms and one for his sons testimony Democrats have decided to hold off on judiciary committee resolution holding attorney general bar in contempt Herrmann. Nadler says he's holding off on the vote to give ministration officials that time they need to comply with subpoenas that have already been issued relating to the president's business dealings and political activities story there from Fox News jump in here at five one two eight three six zero five nine these folks going to finally just get absolutely disgusted with themselves and just get tired of their own voice. What is that going to happen? Hopefully soon, please if you need a coffee to get through the day, you might wanna dial it back. It turns out there's a limit when it comes to coffee consumption researchers. They published a new article in the American journal of clinical nutrition. It reveals that six or more cups of Java ups the risk of heart ailments might twenty percent who drinks six cops. Stay people over here. Do it. All the time. Six cops. Absolutely. Yeah. What size of a Cup. I mean is that is a measurement of a is that that six ounces way seems like a lot of coffee six cups of copy seems like a lot to me sixteen tablespoons of the study marks the first time. Scientists have attached a Cup number limit. That notes went damage could start setting in and apparently six cups. You can start to damage heart. Now coffee's not not the most commonly consumed stimulant in the world wakes us up boost our energy and helps us focus, but people are always asking how much caffeine is too much. Yeah. Dr island hop on what the Australian centre for precision health says six starts the damage your body a little bit. Well, we're gonna have a bunch of people dropping like flies here at the station. No doubt caffeine is an absolute must for this profession at you've seen people in the break room flock to those the those coffee pots some do. I I have two cups a day to have for years. That's it. Just two cups. How many how many you don't drink drink tea got caffeine in it? Yeah. Yeah. That's where I get caffeine t- an occasional diet coke. And that's about it. But you don't like cough. I don't taste never been a coffee drinker. I can tolerate it. It's not that. I it makes me gag or anything like that. It's just nothing that I've ever gone Cup of coffee. That sounds good this morning. Good morning. Hey hymie. Ryan, I listened to the verify banging I came up at something. I've been thinking how many of these illegal aliens being cut loose with a court date that never show up fear. Well, the research is pretty clear they about half doubts various reports. And and yeah, that's why the the night circuit court of appeals allow the president to keep some of them on the other side of the border painting. Their court gates that doesn't work Melinda. Good morning on the Todd dodge show. Good morning. Yes. I was going in about a little girl that you know, God's the stepdad's Houston. Yes, sir. Yeah. Thing is if the mom knew what kind of monster. He was allowing the children to be around on around him. She should also face charges being over the weekend on press conference of her talking over the weekend. And she said that this guy has a record of molesting kids. What the hell is he doing what are you doing shacking up with this guy? Then that's the thing. And as a mother myself is why I'm saying until you know, we start also going after the mothers and making them serve time because they knew they put their children indeed situation, then it's never gonna end. They don't have any ramifications for anything that they do. So it's going to continue. They'll just go with the next guy and the next day. It's not gonna stop. No, you're right. You're right. She she she potentially put those kids in a dangerous situation. Yeah. He he he had a propensity towards that. He'll he'll do that. So you don't let your kids around ladies xactly. He's got issues. It's horrible. Man. It really is. Couldn't help it. Wow. She's four years old definitely put her behind bars. He's locked up. He also has a couple of other kids, and you saw the press conference. I think it was last Thursday or less Wednesday or Thursday when the press talked to him, and he said, I don't know I got hit over the head stole my car kidnapped us spa, blah, blah. Mexican men that did it. Yeah. Yeah. It it sounded very similar to adjust the small it false reporting. And also something that you could see through almost immediately. When I saw him looking at the camera and kind of looking down not able to really speak. There's there's a lack of emotion, then be there that very disconnected. Yeah. Was not there. Hey, stay with us. We got Trump tweets coming up. Mazing life-changing prizes. 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