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Partners in garden sense and that is very easy they only around sh there at twelve five oh seven Lee highway in Fairfax and we just checked in with them and they will be open today and tomorrow as well as Betty's Israeli ranch eight A. M. to six PM today nine AM to five PM tomorrow and as you've known over the years we've talked so much about it they have seventeen acres of trees and shrubs and plants to choose from and again well you can get out might be a good weekend of older bodies or delivery of the Salih ranch and stroll around the grounds it's a fabulous selection of the U. seventeen acres on the afternoon there and they've got a lot of the products that are recommended on garden since just about everything we talk about you can find at Betty's Israeli ranch now if you would like to visit but are not comfortable coming into the store you can select your plants outside and then you can give me a call and they'll come out and finish up the order outside so they can be very helpful to you in spite of the current conditions of Betty's Israeli ranch there are twelve five oh seven Lee highway in Fairfax that's very close to where route twenty nine crosses route two eighty six and there's an exit off route sixty six also very close to Betty's Israeli ranch against seventeen acres they've got all of the products that are recommended on garden sense of Betty's his alien ranch they have a landscape design department so I've been thinking about doing something you know really extensive around.

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