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Southwest winds between 15 and 20 miles per hour. I'm 7news meteorologist Jordan Evans with first alert weather. It's 85 degrees in Roslyn 85 at Farragut Square and 86 in Laurel brought to you by Lem the Plumber. Trusted same day service seven days a week. Coming up on WTOP a black owned business gets the job of revitalizing a special spot in Richmond. I'm Dick Yoliano. It's 320. Here's how I pick my numbers when I play the new pick five from the Virginia Lottery. I call it the wheel. Win up to $50 ,000. I've got all the numbers on here plus one extra slot where wife my gets to pick the number. Five numbers zero through nine. Babe what'll it be? Burger and fries please. No I meant the wheel. The what? How you choose is up to you. Play in store in app or online today. Visit VALottery .com slash pick five. TD Cinex Public Sector is empowering IT vendors, resellers and government agencies by shaping how they navigate the public sector ecosystem. We provide you with an unprecedented combination of talent, resources, services capabilities. and And extensive access to the technology, resellers and contract vehicles that want. you TD Cinex Public Sector is the premier IT distributor and fully integrated solutions aggregator of choice for the public sector. Learn more at TD Cinex dot com. That's TD Cinex dot com. Your business requires bold leadership. Hi, I'm Jeff Dick, Chairman and CEO of Main Street Bank. Changing who you bank with may not be your boldest decision, but if you choose us, I promise it will be your best. Ask yourself, what matters to me and my business? Banking expertise from a trusted advocate, a or bank where I'm just another account number in the win column. We bank the bold. Main Street Bank. Put our bank in your office. Visit M Street Bank dot com to learn more. Member FDIC, equal housing lender. WTOP and Silver Diner bring you free lunch Friday to thank you for listening to WTOP at home at work or on the go. Three winners every Friday for dine in lunch only at 18 Silver Diner locations. Enter today at wtop .com search free lunch Friday. You're listening to WTOP news at 322 on the side where the Robert E statue stood in Richmond. There's going to be a black owned landscape company to revitalize the area. Earl Gary says he's grateful he'll have the job of sprucing up the circle on Monument and North Allen avenues where the bronze statue of the Confederate General was removed two years ago. Working with the Richmond Department of Public Works Gary's YME landscape is expected to plant 28 trees counties and about 6000 plants. The Lee statue came down on the former Confederate Capitol in 2021 after the murder of George Floyd. The early landscape work is underway and the goal is to complete the work by late July. Dick Ioliano, WTOP news. We all have a favorite TV show, but How much would you pay for a piece of it? A man in Dallas is turning his love for television into cold Art Cash. I'm Brian Bandmiller on business. During a three day auction, items from classic TV shows went up for auction. And at the end, the collector of these items had raked in more than $5 million. He says his first idea was to Creative Museum dedicated to TV. But when that failed to come together, he came up with an auction so the pieces This could go to fans who would love and appreciate them. Items up for bid included the Batman and Robin costumes worn by Adam West and Burt Ward in the 1960s series. They went for more than $600 ,000. The set where Johnny Carson hosted guests on The Tonight Show sold for almost $300 ,000. The set from All in the Family, which included Archie and Edith bunkers living room dining room and stairwell went for $125 ,000 and the biggest sale called the bar from the TV series Cheers, which scored the highest bid at $675 ,000. It's expensive to To know everyone's name, Brian Van Miller, CBS News. This was supposed to be the year thoroughbred horse racing celebrated the 50th anniversary of Secretariat's magnificent Triple Crown Triumph. But heading into today's $1 .5 million Belmont Stakes, which is being run in a few hours, the racing has become almost an afterthought. The focus remains on a recent spike in deaths of horses at racetracks and also on air quality problems. Two year old champion Forte is the early favorite in today's race. It's $325 Sports at 25 and 55. Powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. Here's Ben Raby. Alright Sandy, we're getting set for the Nationals and Braves. Game two of their weekend series. Nats looking to snap a five game losing streak with Mackenzie Gore on the mound today. It's a 4 -10 first pitch on 1500 a .m. College Baseball Virginia and Duke

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