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Are you ready for a total body Workout Palace on FAM? I am We'll start the class on the bike and then moved to the floor. Let's get it with pellet on instructors right in your home. Are you feeling it yet? Let's keep pushing for five. You have motivation. That's ready. When you are clip off that bike and meet me on the map for lunges. I got this. You showed up today. Pelle Aton, whose feelings buddy and strong Definitely me tap into your motivation at one pellet on calm this use of my talk dirt alert. You don't know her dealer. Dollar to alert. Hey, Holly. Hey, Good afternoon, guys. We hot gossip Day. Oh, hot Gossip day. You know what we're going to start with some hot gossip concerning Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood. They are officially divorced another one that we think in a long time allow And a lot of bad allegations there. Yeah, You know, we've been talking about this for five years because Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood She filed for divorce in 2016 10 years after they got married, then in 2017 If you recall their daughters ended up in state custody, But court papers filed with the time didn't explain why. However, Presley did accuse Lockwood of having child pornography and his computer, an allegation that he and his attorney tonight Now Presley requested primary custody of their Children in the fall of 2018. But following the 2020 the suicide of her son, Benjamin Lockwood, petition for custody, So this has been Going back and forth. Yeah, Jess, what happened? What has happened? Well, they have just let's see what however, they settled this now I just know that US Weekly is confirming that it has been settled. I don't have the official terms of the divorce in front of me, but yeah, that was he accused her of drinking. Does another ugly one That's been going on five years is not just bread, Angelina. We forget. And then it was so terrible when her son took his leg. Yeah. Oh, God. Yeah. You know all that we know right now. Today. As of yesterday, a judge granted a dissolution of the marriage they're deemed single. There are still ongoing issues, including child support, financial disclosures, alleged misappropriation of properties of attorney's fees and costs, So they really it's a bite for cation. This is there behind Brad Angelina, because they got by for Kate ID like Ah, year after the split yet again Yeah, it is just Thies divorces. Wow. Go on and on and on and get so so feel for those girls. They lived with her grandma. For why? Because least Marie has struggled with her addictions. Yes, and then maybe depression. Yeah, I know. I don't know if she's been a lot about them. Let's go to Bill Cosby was speaking of celebrity Justice Page six, reporting that a Pennsylvania parole board denied a bill concept is bid to be released from prison earlier this month. Because he refused to complete a therapy program for violent sex offenders. What if what if, right? Yeah, Maybe He's afraid he can't pass. Well, there you go. Well, yeah, Pretty pretty violent sexual offender or Bill Cosby was yes, yes, yes. So this happened on May, 11th, a spokesperson for the parole board told Page six. And they're saying that it wasn't because not only because of not doing this therapy session, but the board denied Bill Cosby's parole for another bunch of reasons, including his failure to complete that treatment program and that he got a negative review. From the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. So it seems that Bill Cons be was not being cooperative. With the authorities. Why may I mean, maybe, like, sit in prison? I don't know. Yes. You think you'd want to do, Eric, if you're like you'd do anything to get out, right? Right. Well, you know, he had been getting really coming out was like, say that King over there, You're not going to be the king here. Remember Bill Cosby has been given a 3 to 10 year sentence in September of 2018 after being convicted. So interestingly enough, his spokesperson was like we knew that he was going to be rejected and Hold. The spokesperson told him that if he didn't take the course he would be the night so Bill Cosby knew that if he wanted to be put out on parole, or have the possibility of that hand to complete these courses, So okay, let's move on to more celebrity justice Adjacent news Kim Kardashian denying allegations that she stiffed her former maintenance staff out of wages and treated them badly. So she addressed these allegations while she was getting a mani pedi on Instagram. Okay, Okay. Happened last night around time. That is just so like, I'm getting my nails done. Why don't you ask me anything, And so people were asking her about a lot of different things, including these allegations. So, she said. I respect to people for their time and their hard work, and unfortunately these workers are suing the wrong person, Kim Kardashian wrote, she said. I paid the vendor and it's their job to pay their staff. I hope that they're able to get this resolved soon. So the plainest they're claiming that Kim Kardashian was late with their paid refused to pay the moment, says Long, Lon and Stone and Flamingo Services. Didn't she paid them right, So that's what's happening in there. Well, jeez. Bummer for the workers. Yeah, bummer for the workers. So hopefully whoever their employer Wasow, seemingly not Kim Kardashian that they can get all of this settled here. So we will go back to some of the more hot gossip that was talked about in the three o'clock hour here on Lorien Julia, this exclusive from the Daily Mail. Saying that Johnny Depp's legal battle against the American Civil Liberties Union is heating up after emails have revealed that the A C L use staff wrote Amber Heard's domestic violent op ed in the Washington Post. I really feel like this is shocking news. Yeah. Esso e mails obtained by the Daily Mail suggest that Amber heard had minimal input in her Washington Post op ed. Well, it's also also the other thing, um and and apparently has her attorney was very nervous about it. But That that they were co conspirators with her, and he they have by tomorrow to show the proof that she gave 3.5 million right right because she had publicly pledged that And then when she became the ambassador for women's right, which is an interesting choice for that, by the East. Tell you then she had already been convicted of hitting a girlfriend. Punching a girlfriend has to be the person and they're like, Oh, Johnny! Deb. Oh, I don't know. It all just smells. Now It's like a bad It smells like a setup. Yeah. You know, there is something of a foot here in all of this story. So you know, the Daily Mail is talking about how This op Ed went through multiple legal revisions on like you said. Laurie, Amber, heard's lawyer was anxious not to mention Johnny Depp's name specifically in this, but we all know she was talking about We all dead. Everyone knew because it was 77 months later, S O. Johnny Depp's attorney is telling the daily Mail. But these emails proved that the A C L u bro Amber Heard's Quote, false op ed for her, And we're co conspirators from the start because you tell you is in a turkey wicked here, Okay now and you know, there are also ah, donations to Children's hospital l A. I know that Johnny Depp's people have also been trying to find the rhythm, subpoena them and looking for the receipts being like. Well, did you actually received these donations from Amber Heard she did stage her photo op with the TMZ. Remember that in the stage thing was looking like she had a black eye. Yes, there was a lot of was a lot of tricky stuff going on with her. Mm. Oh, boy. We just wish Johnny hadn't sued for libel for that purse that Dan wouldn't column And he just stuck with his defamation of the Washington Post op ed. Because now the British courts have ruled that they have a different standard than we learned all this about what a terribly toxic terrible, awful relationship they had. And they were both completely awful to each other. We had the gelato when the pants Yeah, just so much was so bad fortune, but I guess this is why he's been fighting so hard is that he has field has felt that he's been set up and everyone knew who was seven months later, and I were like, Oh, my God. Okay, she's safe. She's not saying his name. We all know she's referring to what the relationship is. Yeah, it was like she was saying she money. Back, right? Yeah. I mean, we could all read between the lines in.

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