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Abdurixit better dr joe who can so while so is this is fda approved its covered by most commercial insurance oh it is oh yeah a anthem blues but then they of secretary you of to meet to get the yes a common criteria is you've had had psychotherapy and you've had to trade at least four antidepressants summer three summer six tried and failed but literally still that's millions of people yeah it could be a first line treatment it doesn't have to be a second line treatment odds only ever been studied as a second line treatment just because of the time factor in the costs compared to medication so insurance companies are driving a lot of the rules about who gets says there's always somebody wanted to pay cash where it will cost of course the treatment of about ten thousand dollars okay yeah serbia if you had the money should be tempting though i'll tell you what that these people are life back he was not taken the medicine via and and you know it's one thing to take a blood pressure medicine i'd like you know i do every day that's bad enough protect hit psychoactive it's i can't imagine that would be a right of you want to get away we have people come in and then go to work yeah you know they they go about their days you don't have to do anything different with their days are not the make it a headache a little bit um they might be a little bit tired after treatment but it's it's really nice to give something a treatment the people really like the tolerate that works for a large percentage of them when a lot of other things have failed.

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