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It was I went and I grabbed every candy cane I could. Wow. If they were made of Caesar salad, I'd be like, what? The hell is happening? That is use until neighborhood watch petition for the fredericton to move. What the hell is that? That Caesar because have we gotten tired of the regular candy cane taste? No, it's unbreakable. I'm not. I'm a job is on the line. That's like, I mean, 'cause you need something minty to get the Caesar salad taste out of your mouth. Yeah. Also, and no knock on Caesar salad. Like, you've been a nice go to for me at a late night Postmates from a BJ's if I'm in Sacramento. But you know, you know, Caesar salad is not in my top. Correct. 50 flavors of things I'd rather do. Taco candy canes. I'm in. No. What is wrong with you? Candy canes? Flavored candy cane. I'd eat that first. There are lanes. There's a meat lane. There's a roughage lane. Yeah. And there's a candy lane. These should never intersect. No. There are lanes. They should run parallel. Do you ever think about running? This is the platform. Yes. You were one thumb to the camel away from getting a vote. Meat and salad. I get it. Yes. Right? You can have chicken. Salad. A salad with meat. Together. Separate lanes. Yeah. Understood candy at the end of the day. These are all lanes. But in terms of turning one into another, let's not turn meat and or roughage into a candy. This is just not appropriate. Now

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