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The most tired conversation the world but like oh you know michael jordan i mean this current time though the eye butts and illustrated reward was he didn't make the monday jordan has made a ton more postcareer than when he played and i i know it's a long time ago but lebron james's worth a billion dollars while he's playing he is that franchise we saw what happened when he left for miami cleveland or right down the tubes he comes back there in the nba finals i mean if that doesn't tell you enough right there he is the reason that every team in the nba things they have a chance if they could land him i am in this nonsense yesterday with god love them both bring libre onto the next yeah every team would likely bring or onto their team because it makes them in instant among see champion but it makes them an instant winner so what he does and at all over by the way also has the other players looking where he's going to i want to join him should i go somewhere else does it make the path to the finals easier boy he is as powerful of players i have ever seen in my life right now of course i know in that and that's what i'm saying it's a causes it causes chaos and there were some great means an jeff cfc about kyw reordering just basically you know walking away from the burning building all that's i mean it's amazing the foresight yeah he had to get the hell out of there and and i i think that the cavaliers have finally gotten to the point i think he's been clear with the career of in trade and now this that they don't do everything that he wants though as much of power that he has they don't do everything that he wants because he would have preferred that dwayne wade stay around he asked them not the trade kyw reordering of so they're not doing everything they want every move they may cause with him in mind not doing everything he wants anymore because he has given them a commitment you with the way things shook out last time and the fact that he won't come at now how could you like you can't let them completely run the franchise although he kind of does.

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