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Well, our victory headlines this morning. Who lot of rain storm yesterday all my God, It was like lashing around here. Unbelievable. And they closed down the marinzano bridge. I think for the first time in many years, I think they closed it down, though they lend for the for the New York Marathon, right? Because they begin to do when they have the marathon. Yeah, right. Yeah. Well, not gonna have that so, but they always closed down funny. I, actually when I was a just starting out of Colombia. University. One of the things was this great history professor Kenneth Jackson. Professor of urban history. He would do it all night Bike tour of New York City with the incoming freshmen and one of the things we did, they would allow us to We. They allowed us to ride over the Arizona Bridge on our bikes, the one and only time you can ride over the bridge with your bike. That's cool, You know, e think that began my room. We'll talk about that. A minute began my romance. When York was always I'll never forget that we can't wait to hear. You know, we have listeners who emailed me all the time and say, you know, how did Michael begin his romance with bicycles? So I'm glad you're finally gonna reveal all no, no, it's not romance with bicycles. It's a romance with New York City, and I think many of our listeners who live here love the city the way I do. That's what I'm saying. Also in the Big Three. The vaccines are on the way, but who's going to get them first? Once again. This is going to drive this country apart. I have a feeling we're gonna be a little civil war over the vaccine and running out the big three. Well, we'll We'll talk about that. And right now, the big three. Here comes the Thanksgiving Day spike their front. They're threatening to close us down. Governor Murphy is threatening to close down all of New Jersey. And you know, Bartlett, you know that Cuomo was itching to close down New York. You know, he cannot wait. Give the order to close us all down. You can see it. He's celebrating. The clue is coming. Don't worry. He cannot wait to close us down. Shut us right down, folks make us dependent on the government cheese. By the way, Len. Having to listen yesterday when I was off, you kind of passed over the big story of the day. Biden. I mean, he gets out of the bed and he breaks his foot. I mean, he's gonna be in a boot from the beginning. The presidency of Joe Biden's gonna be hobbled by a boot. By the way was common, I think was Kamila Harris, who tripped him. Joe, you know, first goes the book. First goes that ankle then goes the hip, and then he's finished. It's over with. He's gonna listen to what you listen. Stop talking. What you listen for five seconds. I mean, really, I mean, we talked about it constantly throughout yesterday's show, Joe. Set him straight, William. That was a big topic yesterday. You mentioned it. No. Mladen mentioned it. Jeffrey Lichtman, the attorney mentioned that we were talking about it all day. I think the issue for Michael was that to you doesn't really matter. Okay, Well, that's fine. And Steve Ross, it's a warning sign land. Exactly exactly. I mean, it's a metaphor for this presidency. This presidency is going to be hobbled from the beginning because the guy's gonna be in a boot. Then it'll be a hip cast sooner will be a body cast, and then it'll be just proper him up from behind, as they did when he was running for election, But she's glad you're back. Michael, I'm so glad you're back with your lunacy. Really? Good bye, Everybody nice talking to you. Michael's gonna go on for the next four hours with his nonsense, and you know it will be. I think the listeners will enjoy it. Steve Roberts are ABC news Political buddy, and I love him. He's a great guy, you know, But he's definitely you know, Mr Establishment You know, in the swamp there on guy heard him yesterday with you. And he's like, Well, of course, I believe everything that they don't was about. I have a big dog to win. Sometimes of that dog really lurches forward. I might break my neck. Well, what are we gonna do? Are you kidding me? These people would never accept anything. Republicans or Trump said he's lying without evidence. But Biden Oh he Ah, small hairline fracture because he was walking. Absolutely. That happens all the time. When you walk your dog, you sprain your ankle all the time. You you Democrats lend you just roll over for your team? It's gonna be discussed over the next four years. This Natalie for the record was there are a host on the show, who said he doubted the dog story? That was you? How would you thank you very much. Thank you very much. So don't start with your silliness, Michael, that I'm gonna accept everything they say. I mean, I want to know the true story. I don't I'm not buying the dog story, and I said it yesterday. So do you want to retract that little shot? You took me there. What do you think happened? What? Biden slipped on his Jell O. And that's how he is. I don't know. Go there. Why do you tell us? Michael? What happened? Kamila. Comma took the crow. Bart, We'll act right. How about this? If he's starting out, he hasn't even taken office and already he's lying about things. I mean, what's that say? Because we didn't have any lying the.

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