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The valley shepherd if a sheep was being a little audrey see it says my rod and my staff they come for me see a rod was used to beat things. Beat off predators align a barrack obama. A wolf shepherd would say it's on like donkey kong. And you would just start beaten these these predators coming after sheet but a good shepherd if you saw a sheep that kept going off. Anybody knows someone like that like. Everything's going great in their life. They come back to church man. God's doing something a lot and it's like next minute. You're on their instagram. You're like oh boy. What are you doing girl. What are you doing you don't him. Oh man what are you doing are now. They're off doing their thing. A good set heard is like hey he keeps going off and he would take his sheep. And here's what he would do. A good shepherd would say. I need to hurt this sheep just a little bit and that sounds really evil right but a good shepherd we're take a rod and we'd get his sheep and he would. He would break who fracture the leg of the animal. Sounds really gnarly but you can look this up. And there's some this disagreements if you look at theologically well no but this is the reality he would break the leg of the sheep and then he would wrap the sheep. He'd wrap that leg and you've seen probably a photo of the good shepherd holding a sheep on his shoulders weighs sixty seventy pounds and it's a big old animal but if you look closely has a wrapped ankle it wasn't because it hurt itself. The shepherd was like he keeps running. She keeps running away from me. So i need a hurt. Him hurt her a little bit social. Stay close because eventually after weeks of carrying that sheep on his back the shepherd with sit sheep down and would get a little bit more strong little strength. Luma stronger a little stronger and eventually you could unwrap. That lay and the shepper would notice something that sheep in wander anymore. it was. It was through the pain that the shepherd induced now. Does god cause bad things that happen. No god is good. He laos things to happen. God doesn't there's no evil in him he is perfect. He is good but we live in a broken world and sometimes god will allow a season to come in our lives so that when we are wandering away. God's like i have to allow this little hurt. The pain is for your good. The pain is so that you'll get close to me. The pain is so that you'll understand there. No i'm i'm for you and i want you to get close to me so that she would come to the shepherd and every time that shepherd would go this way the sheep. I'm staying close to this guy. You see maybe just maybe this week. What if what if. What if the shepherd was trying to use your pain. Keep you close to him. What if the dark place that you're experiencing simply season to get you right back to where you need to be. Maybe just maybe. That's what god's doing pray father. I thank you for this church. Good shepherd and like like any good shepherd you want. Good things for your sheep. You'll fight off predators. You'll lead them by still waters. But then sometimes god you will. You allow pain to come into a sheep's life so that there will be a by product that will actually the sheep will remember that yes. That was painful but it was for a good purpose. It was so that i wouldn't get hurt. You actually allow the pain in my life. So that i could stay close to you because that's where i find strength and comfort. It's in the presence of the shepherd. I want to pray for you right now. My prayer for all of us here today is that you would draw near to the shepherd today. Because he's already drawing near to you. He's got good plans for your life. He's got a great plan for your life. But here's the reality. Are you following the good shepherd today. My prayer right now with is close and heads about. Is that if you know jesus as your lord and you know that he's good but maybe it's been a season where you've lost hope. Maybe there's been a season where you're like. It's been a dark place pastor. And i don't know if i can go there anymore. I don't know if my heart can take anymore. I want to pray for you. If that's you today. You need some hope. You need to be reminded of the good shepherd. He's four. just raise your hand. Say that's me. i see your hand. Just raise your hand high. Say pray for me pastor. Pray for me. I need hope today. I need hope. Today it's awesome father. I pray for every single person who lifted their hand. They're just like i just need. Hope i know you. Jesus i know you're good but i'm just losing. I'm i'm getting tired. It's dark season. Lord i pray that you would just refresh their sole god did they. Were declare every single day that you're with them got it as a purpose for their pain. There's a purpose for the struggle got every single day they would declare god that you're working all things together for.

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