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These Giants baseball on KNBR 1045 and 6 80 Changes for the Giants. A CZ we go to the bottom of the sixth Giants have taken a 2 to 1 lead. Pablo stays into play first, Darren Rough has moved out to left on Michael Stransky shifts from left to right. Peralta still in the game. As the Giants pitcher. So 2 to 1. That's the Giants lead with those defensive changes. And balance your swings, and it's a smash up the middle. But that's right where Crawford was playing in. Look about the shift and why they do it. There's a reason why on DH hit that ball with for many years that would have been a base hit. But there was Crawford. It was a one hopper right to O with the shift works. I love that shit. So Peralta getting the Left handed hitter Bellenger now the right handed hitting Taylor coming up and gave Kappler out to the man he's gonna bring in Rico Garcia, the right hander, so Peralta face three hitters and retired them all, inheriting a runner in the fifth inning. He didn't face just any three hitters, either. Munsey Turner and Bellenger three of the very best the Dodgers have to offer three of the toughest it is you'll find in anybody's line up and he got him on. That's how you climb up the ladder of the pulpit. You want to pitch the 17th night? Phoenix will do what he did just there when it's time for When it's time for a change. Think speedy oil change in auto service Your trusted oil change tuna smog experts. I think the Giants have had a lot of impressive and, uh, encouraging bullpen performances in this Siri's first game of the series, sort of obscures that in a way, but Some of that wasn't just on the pitches that were thrown. The James had breakdowns. Otherwise, I think bullpen performance is something that James could be really encouraged by over these 1st 4 nights of his 2020 season, the giant's gonna have an off day tomorrow. So again, these are the only two teams In the big leagues, playing four games on the opening weekend, and both will have tomorrow off. James will then have their first home game, so we'll actually be able to broadcast the game that we're looking at. On Tuesday night. That game is 6 45 1st pitch time and the Padres air here for three and all three of them are gonna be at 6 45 Then the Texas Rangers will be here and there are rules about when Texas teams travel out West. What start times you're allowed to have sort of Friday night game against the Rangers. This upcoming Friday will be a 6 10 Pacific time. First pitch, and that'll also be the game time for Saturday as well before the Rangers played a game on Sunday, a week from today and then the Giants will go back on the road, so the upcoming homestand begins on Tuesday, six games three against the PODS three against the Rangers. And we'll be broadcasting all those games. Not just here on our Jane radio network, but on the NBC Sports Bay Area television network as well, 6 45 Tuesday, Giants Padres and, of course, No starting pitchers have been announced. We're used to that already, and we don't know who's going to pitch that game, but it could be the Jephson Marja. That would be when he would make his season debut. Rico Garcia. This is not his debut has been pretty impressive. His first couple Giants outings Garcia takes over here in the last of the six with James ahead 2 to 1. Garcia,.

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