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All right, Laurie, once again on the expressway, South bound you seeing these delays pick up right now. Slowdowns from Savin Hill getting down to these left lane road work crews. Looks like they're patching potholes here now at know Ponti and they may be working their way down a little further south as well. We'll be keeping an eye on them right now. Savin Hill down to Neponset with these left lane Cruz, stay to the right to get around them North bound You looking good on the expressway, Braintree up to the tunnel. No troubles on the lower end to 24 or 95 down ajar. Meth Route six. Westbound. You two have some slowdowns getting by these work crews just after Union Street here in Yar myth up to the North Route three North bound. Got about a half a mile back up now approaching these work crews taken out the two left lanes at Concord Road. Just that right lane is getting by Inbound Tobin Bridge. Reduce speed through the left lane closure from Chelsea on over to Charles Town over in Belmont route to eastbound Watch out for the right lane closure soon after Dow have that extends over to Park Avenue that ramp to park at is closed for these work crews. Supported sponsored by Express Post calm looking for an easier way to find your next call center or accounting job. It's time to get to know express employment professionals visit express pros dot com to find one of more than 830 locations to support any job search, and there's never a fee. Kevin Brennan. WBC's traffic on the threes. All right, so we're getting a little bit more information about this wintry weather beyond the cold. It's certainly cold this week. Snow flurries will start sometime before dinner tonight, maybe right after sunset. This is not one system. Undying. DeVore was explaining that there will be at a multiple precipitation systems over the next 24 hours, and apparently, it's not all over after tomorrow morning's.

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