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Yeah i don't know if he cannot in some people's minds yes and others no it's a wonderful debate for me personally i look at the brown size athleticism speed skill and he's on par in my mind as a basketball player and even even closing in on his iconic status as an influence or an impact for good much of what lebron has done on the court i think is probably gonna pale in comparison to the impact that he has on the lives of other people through philanthropy through his back visible i just think he's one of those special special people that comes along every generation better all around player jordan well i go back to something my dad told me before he passed he talked about it all the time he said all things being equal if you've got a guy who's a little bigger usually hill beat the smaller guy who's just as good lebron is six eight to whatever fifty six yeah whatever i mean whatever it is it's huge i don't think there's anything athletically that michael does or did better than lebron and in basketball par lance and skillset you look at passing ball hanley shooting rebounding leading i mean you can go down whatever criteria you'd be hard pressed to say other than to championships and this is not tennis golf there's a team components winning championships not to disparage anything michael did but there's a team composed there are a lot of great players in a team sport that don't get rings but are champions they aren't championship holders but they're champions because of how they compete it what their level of excellence has been over a period of time so when you just look at basketball skillset passing i give the not to lebron brilliant genius passer unparalleled outside of bird rick berry.

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