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I think the only pick that that most folks are that some folks were just kind of like not as excited as they were about. Was this last. One of Neville Gallimore because defensive tackles on the Board and Defensive Linemen that were on the board at the time one in particular Jordan Elliott People there are some that would have preferred Jordan Elliott but to me Jordan. Elliott is a guy that was a one year starter who had issues at Texas getting back on the field due to inconsistencies. Went to Mizzou was a one year starter and mop the floor with less competition that he played lesser competition. Now never gallimore played in the Big Twelve. Were most people. Don't even know how to play. Defense Okay Yeah. And he did very well. The production have not been as high as you would want but this is a guy that was going up against much better competition. And he's got more notches on his belt in terms of experience at a guy a guy that can give you some snaps immediately. I WANNA give all shut out 'cause on our own Connor Livesey who's on one of our. Does one of our fellow podcasts. Yeah he put out a draft guide and he and his big bore those interesting thing you know he had. Cd Lamma Six He had he had a a trayvon. Digs at forty on his board. So he was pretty happy with those picks he must be pretty excited about level gala more because he'd had him ranked as the thirty second player on the entire. Yeah Yeah Yeah so little. Little bit is script. There may be something there you know so I been awhile since I've gone. We've got three rounds into the draft. And you really haven't had that pick where you're going like well. Yeah we'll just have to accept that one. These are all three very good. Picks is the best art to the draft that I can remember in a while and I will get I will say my piece and then I will give you the floor for the fine finale before we get out of here. What I want to say is that I looked at this draft the same way as guys like David Hellman and I think Tom you looked at it as well. Is that the cowboys. Made some very very telling decisions this off season. They decided that they are paying Amari Cooper after last year deciding that they were paying tank. They're paying Elliott and they paid the linebacker Jalen. Smith may be a little early. Who Cares about that? They come into this year they decide. They're paying the quarterback they're paying their wide receiver. But they're gonNA have to let some high priced free agents go. They had left their sack leader from last year. Robert Quinn go. They had to let their cornerback. The best one on the roster go. They had to let their slot receiver go. Okay what they did in this draft more than makes up for some of their losses because they got guys. They knew that they had to go in after the twenty nineteen debacle of draft. Where Tristan Hill is your first pick and he gives you almost nothing on the field where you get almost you get nothing from Connor McGovern but there's hope for him this year. You only have one guy that actually produces and he's in a backup role and that is your running back. That's your running back to you. Got In the fourth round. They're like that's your only guy that that that contributed you had to come into this draft after what you've done in the off season you did a great job and defensive tackle. You had to come and produce in this draft and what the cowboys did is. They didn't feel pressure. They didn't feel like we gotta reach. We gotta get this Gaga that which we see teams do that. Every single year writers. They didn't do that. They waited and they they let players come to them and man did they that they hit they hit your is pretty sad when know Tony Pollard? That was the name that you were grasping for having done this long enough I can tell it happens to somebody When that's your best production from an entire draft class that's that's twenty nineteen was not a good draft for the cowboys. I think conor mcgovern may help salvage that. This looks to be just a massive leap ahead and I have to go back to the fact that this says that there is a real Different role for the head. Coach of the Dallas Cowboy drafts game and I think we saw in twenty nineteen back in two thousand eighteen when they took chuck Taco Charleston bed. The coaches were coming in. They were pushing some decisions. I believe that were not initially healthy. Now this is literally you know. We've talked about the mythical blessed player available. They will only seem to be taking the best player available with Seaney lamb. They did that almost purely wide. Receiver was a position of need but it was third or fourth down the list so they jumped on him Then they came in on day to address the defense. They got the secondary they got the line. Bolstered up Got More picks to see what they can scrounge up out there so this is a go ahead Tom. I was GONNA and this is just. You know it's it's a great situation to be as. I said I think even if they really don't get anything tomorrow to ask draft that's what I was thinking if even if they don't do anything tomorrow but go after guys traits Tom. Who cares like they've done so well in the first three they and they did it by remaining. You know diligent patient not losing their control. You can only control what you can control. And that's what the decisions you make not letting others affect you and make you jump up or give up more value in uncertain year to go and grabbed. Is You just kind of let it fall to you that way? I would be remiss if I didn't mention this Tom Today. Marks are hundred and fifty first episode. We've been at this for three years. My friend Gosh three years you've been putting May Yeah Tom Times Fun. When you're having flies or something on those life you're not you're not a man of all the words. I can't even find people's names sometimes but you know we. Do we do a heck of a job and I know from from Utah and I gotta say it to our producer who doesn't get a lot of credit but we gotta give him some here Tim. Our producer three years ago gave us a platform gave us a voice and we ended up joining espy nation podcast network were so thankful for SP nation were so thankful for our podcast like Rj. Oh Tony Casillas Kelsey Charles Megan Murray Connor and Dalton. We Are we are very thankful for.

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