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Anna Sorkin is a convicted fraudster her former friend Rachel Williams's speaking out saying she wondered how she missed all the red flags from the convicted con woman she discussed her relationship with Sorkin and her schemes A._B._C.'s Deborah Roberts she just wise very impulsive and free spirited and charming. I really liked her and adobe. We made an impression on everyone she met. Were you sort of seduced by her in her behavior in some ways I'd say yes I was captivated by I was sort of fascinated by her. Willingness to just challenge boundaries claiming claiming to be a German heiress with sixty seven million dollar trust fund. She talked her way into exclusive New York parties and nightclubs which is how she met Rachel Williams in two thousand sixteen then a twenty eight year old photo editor at Vanity Fair Magazine Z. and my late Twenties I was a period of major transition for me and my friends a lot of them were getting married or having babies are leaving the city and I was so glad to have this person who was available and seemed really excited to be my friend. The the pair soon became inseparable living glamorous life of two young women in Manhattan. Why do you think she was able to sort of walk into rooms and sort.

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