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Notices of potential furloughs to 36,000 employees in the US that includes more than 2200 pilots. GeneCo's Silda Fox News. It's a 33 Here's Austin's on Time traffic with Melinda Brandt. Getting reports of an injury wreck along 35 North bound service road at slaughter. We also have reported collision 1 83 North bound service road at Loyola, You're next reports at 8 45 I'm Melinda Brant with Austin's on time traffic. Plenty of sunshine today and very warm. High 98 for tonight, mainly clear skies. It will be humid load tonight 74 from the Weather Center. I'm Brian May. If you are retired, a retiring soon subscribe to the money matters with Kenmore. If podcast we cover topics like what to do now, if you've lost income when and how to take Social Security. Is it safe to be in the market right now? Where to get income during your retirement? How one bear market could change your life how to pass on the fruits of your labour to your greedy, unwashed undeserving airs. And so muchmore Hi, I'm Ken Marie founder Overtime with planners of America. I want your money to last a long as you do, and for youto have financial peace of mind on my weekly podcast. Money matters with Kenmore, Rafe. We try to have more fun than human beings should be allowed to have when talking about all of this boring financial stuff. I'll cover the current financial issues and discuss ideas that could help you get on the path to financial peace of mind. If you are retired, a retiring soon, then subscribe today to the money matters with Ken Marie of Podcast. It's available on iTunes or at our p o a dot com 8 35 time Jeffries and Don Prior..

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