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Know, an embarrassing embarrassing embarrassing embarrassing Donya? You know, what made me sad that? There's definitely obviously some mental something going on with with the same company that we've always seen though, you know, he's very egotistical. He's about his own agenda. But this right here. What's going on? Like, I really wish you would see somebody and really allow therapists in his life or somebody else, you know, because he tried. He tried to being on on on medication. He's he's off of it. Right. There's definitely something. That's very alarming. That's going on the he's not allowing a proper healing process or somebody. She's you know, that's what she does. That's now that's her living. And she was just breaking it down. I big where I feel. He's add sorta so forth. Right. Like, I don't know. I could just sit here say, you know. Do you know what I'm saying? I don't know what it is. There's something going on I feel so I feel like there's a there's a different tiny here. Do I feel like we're watching something that I should be? And we should be concerned about I really do feel so and I thank you for your call, Don. Yeah. You have a great day. All righty. Thank you so much there. It is right there man already now that was done. Yeah. Right there. Hit us up at eight six six two four six eight nine two three. That's eight six six two four six eight nine two three your chance to speak on a visit to the White House, man. How did that make you feel big? Only. Film in. Crandon? With. Joke. Climb in. The next guy. On my left is. Get into. Impeach. Kim. Join live call rain featuring on real ninety two three A. You can't. Baton. Enough. Do. Yup. See what's what? Dump bill. Still. Own daycare. Thank you. Thanks bye. You'll be sixty. Three one eight. Coming up. Like to China. What's the catch? Dante. John. Thank you. You make me. Happy. Okay. Now you. Real ninety two three LA's new home for hip hop and the most tickets to see Drake and caller number ninety two. Once again, we are still looking for you. And we're getting a lot of phone calls, man. Now, Kanye west recently. You know, of course, went to the White House had a chance to sit down in the Oval Office. Wait, Donald Trump. And there's a lot of feeling in a lot of different kind of emotion. You know? And I there is one clip that I do wanna play right now before I take this next phone call, please if you lobby to diagnose the polar disorder. I was connected with a neuro psychologists that works with the athletes in the NBA and the NFL, and he looked at my brand if equal on three parts, I'm gonna go ahead.

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