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From Dory house in London. This is the stack thirty minutes of print industry analysis. I'm Tom, it's a pack to show this week coming up. We speak with Anna Bassey at the hugely successful weekly title for the week, junior and boom. Saloon a great new indie based in Edinburgh, but I, it's a real thrill to welcome to the program. You keep an American artist. Adele Rodriguez for art director for time magazine these days. He's better known for his conic Trump covers for that title and also for German weekly Spiegel. These amazing pieces are fiercely political and whilst rich in color, fairly simmer with rage on the page, quite possibly the defining images of the Trump era. And I'm delighted to welcome Adele Rodriguez to the program. Hello? Adele, thanks for being with us. First of all, it's an interesting time. A lot of people have talked about how impossible it is to satirize the unsaturated -able of course, particularly talk about the Trump White House, for example. And yet your particularly covers you've done on some of the big global periodic Kohl's Fleischmann's that they feel like the documents of our of our time is something about illustration. It's raw power. Maybe that provide a counterpoint even to the ravings of someone like Donald Trump. Yeah. I mean, I guess in some way, I, I don't see it as funny or satire. So maybe that's why my work is a little stronger in captures that spirit is that I, I glanced something might appear funny or grabs you in that way, but then there's real, the anger and confrontation behind it. And I think that the one way you can oppose this insanity is to meet it with a lot of strength enforced, and I think that's what I try to do with my images. Well to that point, I think if Taylor de Spiegel cover with Trump in the beheaded statue of liberty, did you receive a lot of animals from that from not just defenders of Trump from people who felt perhaps that was a step too far? Does that presumably make you proud about how impact for your workers? Yeah, with image differ, there was a lot of reaction. A lot of commentary are the most about any of the is that I've made, and I think that I don't know if it makes me cry to be just makes me glad that people are noticing and paying attention to the topic, and it perhaps gets across the idea how serious this is that maybe an artist would get to the point where it would make an image like that. So anything that makes people wake up and pay attention and get involved in what's happening is good to me. I think that's my main point is just to get everyone involved. I think the biggest problem is that we start realizing the situation and just think that letting little kids in cages and immigration camps is normal or the the presented states would fire investigators. Things like that once invest gets normalized than we're basically in new fascism. I think that's my my main concern and kind of see it to some degree already where there are these things going on around us. Kids are are being detained or the giving psychological, psychotropic drugs while we're all just going about shopping and going to the mall and things like that..

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