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And I think that's why the morts is now sending out that Email to start planning that see that he hopes going to become heart. And now it is time for news that matters. Jalen, we are serious journalists here. We have a journalistic duty to correct the misinformation that we give to the public yesterday. We misinformed. The public. We gave bad information about LeBron James yesterday on the show. We get bad information about a lot of people. We don't there's no researcher on our show. So Jalen yesterday, we featured LeBron James Memorial Day in his backyard and what was he wearing on his head? Do. Right. And we claimed that he wears that just to cover up what's going on in there that you has no waves. We've got new intelligence on this topic. Look at LeBron James on his is g story are those ways. Jalen? Not only are they waves. And I'm really happy. But I really appreciate that part of the front of hairline. It looks like a shag in the front, the waves way. They'll fully break on the beach. Only four. Inbar one point about twenty feet out short. The only reason why we tease LeBron James because he's the greatest of all, he's the greatest of all time is so many as kind of everything. Production company, and movie homemade career player go a mogul one day is not yet coverage age in the world. Right here. He got. His follow Dacians perfect partner with his son. Public school system and here fluence students like perfect, but he does have a shag in the front he does. And you know what that's not his hair. Let's be honest. Let's look at the middle way. What's going on? Middle middle. You got the brains below. But I'm happy to see any brothers specially in his thirties trying to rock the ways. And I remember speaking into a microphone when Reggie hooks of this program challenged me to get ways. He told me you gotta bring him back and make them cool again, all I know, over the last couple of years now, you're claiming you invented waves. No, I'm saying, I'm industry taste maker and a couple of years ago when I started this journey people weren't rocking it just what the thing to do now. People are doing people's rocking corn roles people rocking a try cut now. People rocking ways waves are definitely cultural soul. Are do Ray. Jalen rose. We explore all aspects of this society in this program and one thing that we've learned is it's not all cut and dry. It's not all black and white. There's a lot of gray area. We explore that gray area in a segment we call, cultural or region. First of all, I want apologize for audience. We haven't done cultural regional for quite some time, long time that we've been gone for culture regional there has been so many. Castles that have been raging amongst the staff about what is cultural and regional, so we have if fully staffed provided, cultural or regional segment. Are you ready? Jalen rose been so long missing. You baby. I'll take that as yes. Nita baker. I got to go see her in Vegas.

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