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To election was more than presidential yesterday. Full results from Indiana. Let's get to a Tony Katz 93. W IBC Good morning. Eric Holcomb re elected as governor 57.7% of the vote. 1.471 million votes. Doctor Woody Myers, Democrat with 30% of about 766,000 votes, Donald Rainwater, the libertarian 313,000 votes just under 314,000 votes, 12.3%. First, if if I may. The people who said Oh is it's going to be rain water all the way. You knew your line. Now I don't want to be rude to you. I'm not mad at you. I think this is a stunning, stunning result and one that the libertarians can well. Build upon. It honestly requires that this idea that oh, this anti Holcomb wave That was never really What? Clearly Israel Is that Eric Holcomb Scott feel good about reelection but under performed his internals. And has to note that number that there is a percentage of voters that said, not super happy. And if you wantto understand a little bit better, Todd Okita. Here's your new attorney general. He got 1.5 million votes. 60% of the vote. Todd Rokita outperformed Eric Holcomb. I mean, That's a little bit of the story. It should also be known that the Democrat in that race Jonathan Weinzapfel, 986,000 votes. He outperformed Woody Myers, the Democratic candidate. There's gonna be a lot of soul searching for the Democrats. In Indiana and something that John Greg, the former Democratic candidate, 2012 and 2016 for governor, former radio host here, WNBC said yesterday at the end of the broadcast, WNBC newsroom Just had it going on with Chris Davis. Eric Berman. Abdul Came Shabbas John Greg, covering the election from I think seven to midnight. The Democratic Party in Indiana needs to get its act together. Something that we have been saying, and I have been saying for years. John's OD could be the nicest guy in the world. But his chairman, the Indian Democratic Party, he has never led them to victory ever once ever. Why do they stick with it? Why do they continue to stick with him? He could be a nice guy on I've only met him like, once or twice personally seems lovely enough. Then we were on Fox news together, and that was a bit awkward. I will admit that was a bit I was a bit something. But he can't do this. He cannot get the victory there just in capable. And where do we know this for? Absolutely sure. We know this. In the fifth District, at least right now. Taking a look at that race that Victoria Sparks Christina hail race. They are not done. They are still counting votes 86.9% reporting in Victorious parts with the lead over Democrat Cristina held 184,000 votes to approximately 160,000 votes. So that's 24,000 votes for those a string of home game 51.4% to 44.5%. I looked at this race. And I said, This is a race that is for Kristina. How I'm expecting victorious parts to lose now. There are still precincts that have to come in there is still vote that needs to be counted with the libertarian Kenneth Tucker getting 14,724 votes 4.1%. But if Democrats can't take this race In these conditions with the tight race there is for president With all of the outside money that poured into the fifth District. Well. If that doesn't cause a total change in leadership. Then you know that the Democratic Party of Indiana will never, ever be serious about winning anything. They what we go through some of the list of those who won on the congressional side, Jackie will. Gorski is going back from the second District. Jim Banks Conklin banks going back from the third Jim Baird in the fourth, beating Joe Mackey by over 100,000 votes, Greg Pence. Going back to the house, beating Janine Lake, and that was a very, very strange story in a very, very strange candidate, defeating her by over 110,000 votes. And yes, Andre Carson is going back. To the U. S. House of representatives, defeating Susan Smith, Susan Smith getting 40% of the vote. 73,000 votes to Andre Carson's 108,000 votes. That seems to be a continuing number. That seems to be a continuing spread, and one that if Republicans are serious, and they can start working on, however, The Republican Party has not proven in the state of Indiana that it is serious. About going about winning races. At off, at least in certain areas. Larry Bhushan The congressman. The doctor a winning by over 100,000 votes in the eighth, and Trey Hollingsworth returning to Congress, 210,000 votes, defeating Andy Rough. By just By about was just under 100,000 about 60% of the vote for J. Hollingsworth and 35% for Andy Rough. The libertarian Tanya Mills getting approximately 4.5% of the vote. Libertarians live in that 3 to 4% range, which makes what Donald Rainwater did so absolutely incredible. 12.5% of the vote is huge. The question is Do the libertarians have what it takes to build upon it? Can they actually grow that? Can they focus on who we can move a libertarian message. Now let's choose thes specific places and go move them. You run people everywhere. But let's choose these specific areas that have these specific opportunities and go forward. I don't know. I don't know if they have that level of of drill down. I don't know if they have that level of understanding of where they need to be. I don't have that answer. That all.

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