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Wendy, welcome to the Jesus Christ show. Thank you. You're my Lord and savior, and I praise your holy name praise. God, thanks for calling. Raised in a conservative southern Baptist church. And I still hold those values and believe, and it's regarding music, I'm musician. I love all types of music. I love opera classical. I love what's that ghetto rap. I love every type of music every type of music that there is. But I believe that there's. Maybe m- more. Okay. Well being being raised with him. The old hymns like greatest is faithfulness. And when the when the role is there's a difference. Vibrant show frequency. It is. No placed upon your soul. I can't see. Now, you're getting into metaphysics. And that might be a problem too. Well, okay. Let's say somebody has has like sexual sin. Okay. And they go to a stripper bar, and they watch those girls on the poll if there was opera playing or him. I I don't think that they would be into it. Because I think the. Listen to me for a second. I don't think they'd care. They know the Bill that are in the strip joint. Not going there to see naked women and some cool jams? They're going there to see naked women the association between certain music and certain vibes. Yes. Of course. There are certain things that you have to be in the mood for there is no evil music. There are evil words. There's evil intent. But there is not one. Okay. Let's maybe an e minor is a little dark, but there's no there's no such thing as an evil note. Okay. But wait, wait. What about like highway to hell a lyric lyric, and I will tell you this go even a little further with you. That if you put the actual contents of scripture. Into lyrics with the bestiality and the rape. And the multiple partners. You wouldn't be able to listen to it. Then either even though it's straight out of the bible. The bible. I will tell you is the filthiest most violent book that you will come across. It's not prescriptive that way. It's describing that these things took place. Yeah. That's true. So then we have to look at scripture the same way or outside of scripture the same way inning music is it being prescriptive. Or is it describing something we play a lot of secular music on the show for that very reason. Because a lot of is describing how they believe either Christians believe or the confusion they have in life or the frustrations they have in life. That's okay. Now, if it's telling you to go out and commit a sacrifice if it's telling you out and take a life. If it's telling you to go out and do these things then yes, there's a problem if it's describing them you have to have the sense of an old cow and eat the, hey and leave the sticks. That's the key in life altogether. Just because you don't like something doesn't make it evil. I know Christians have gotten to a place where where they're very comfortable in letting in in putting their their stamp of disapproval on everything, but I assure you as they point to all these movies and songs that that scripture is at the top of the list on what you wouldn't wanna see and wouldn't wanna hear about if.

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