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Fire's interior secretary. Ryan Zinke who visited Chico. Wednesday says the California wildfire damage is overwhelming. This is my fourth trip to California. Unfortunately, every trip this year has been forest fires and each trip. I said this is the worst fire I've seen and now we're here today. And this is the worst fire. I have seen DNA will help identify the unknown victims. Also, that's her news dot com. Newly elected house minority leader Kevin McCarthy says his goal for the next congress has United America and went back majority McCarthy with a warning to Democrats he is ready to fight. They want to disrupt. They wanna try to impeach. And they want you, stall achievements. We've been able to move forward McCarthy called that a small vision the California Republican easily beat back a challenge from Ohio conservative. Jim Jordan to be elected minority leader, Capitol Hill. Correspondent Wally Hindes. The Justice department is supporting the legality of Matthew what occurs appointment as acting attorney general President Trump named Whitaker. The acting attorney general after forcing Jeff Sessions out last week, but Democrats and even some Republicans have questioned whether the move violates the law addressing those concerns. The Justice department released an internal legal opinion saying that Whitaker could serve as acting attorney general even without Senate confirmation. Greg Clugston, the White House. Senate Democrats have threatened to include legislation to protect the Mueller investigation and a must pass spending Bill to further partial government shutdown. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says there's no need for such legislation. No. Indication that the molar investigation will not be allowed to finish. His should be allowed to finish Senate Democrats may attempt to include legislation to protect Muller. It a must pass spending Bill to avert that shutdown. This is news. Hello. I'm oh and sorry host of market wrap and president of Compaq acid panic what a difference a day makes these markets..

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