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For your show Lisa boxes connection just have one thousand dollars makes you sitting for that at ten o'clock easy money come your way Tony George as a final check the morning traffic thank you for your show will take over your show and that there is some road work and they've actually should signal single afforded her by northbound side of the five freeway obey parkway just before you get a truck bypass planes de two left lanes of the north bound to Lecter road are blocked or say there's a broken asphalt they're not friends has season emergency road right to take care of that so the drive on the northbound say the five is gonna be pretty busy when there's coming away from El Toro but once you get past all that things like that for your drive up heading into Santa Ana and in South outside the five just minor delays from the ninety one over to the side just before you get to link in with a clear to crack I said the right lane and then if you brake lights to Santa Ana between the twenty two at the fifty five he had to drive on the southbound side of the six so five that's much improved a scene matter delays now between it's had in the sixty and then it's going to head over to the five freeway and in west outside of the one oh five freeway just before you get to suppose that there is an accent there they're saying it's just the far right lane that's blocked off of the real good one more lane there but the drive so pretty busy overall is coming away from the one ten north bound for a five is still heavy from just before the one oh five out towards the ten freeway this chapter what is sponsored by Amtrak if you got the days they've got the deals let Amtrak be your destination to vacation and get carried away now you can stop dreaming about taking a trip and start planning because if you don't use your vacation days you lose them check out deals that Amtrak dot com restrictions apply yes you'll love to give me sees Valentine's day one day seven deal so good they won't last long it starts with the perfect date night Lamar dress collection with so many styles at forty nine ninety nine cent for his health.

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