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Laurey are the first husband and wife currently in w._w. next rosser to participate in the men's and women's royal rumble matches in the same year hashtag table well your window of opportunity for that to happen is very slim right there's only in two years where there's been a men and women's royal rumble yea right so husband wife team that married couple has been in the rumbled but i think a married couple has been in the same royal rumble match remember when beth phoenix eliminated the great collie and edge made his return aren't they married at that time they've already done the marriage but actually didn't want to chimed in and alastair blacken zelina vega has ticked with table if you didn't know they were married the men's row rumble match this is what i'll say about that too many wasted spots on throwaways i i get the titus o'neil of all the throwaway spots titus o'neal was the funniest pop right because you had to do he's run into the ring got it and then he still ended up going under the ring which was even the syrians up but the shelton benjamin's curt hawkins and i'll throw but in there but it's still titus o. neal's i felt like we all know like stop it and stop with every year someone has to be out in a second that's the other thing that's annoying is that's the you have these built tin spots a kofi spot someone gets eliminated in a second a comedy spot like we don't need that the other thing and this was the biggest glaring omission of the week on both shows wear oh where was adam cole if you're not gonna put adam call it wasn't taking show right does what i'm saying because if you listen after the extra segment that annexed did hype halftime when adam cole just walks out and pushes velveteen dream the fuck in place nuts and that's where so he was there we didn't use on on index takeover like you said there's five matches we don't need to start making this summer slams and row rumbles making it six seven eight matches just because so i'm fine with that right and you already had undisputed air represented totally cool but if you're going to do the rumble and have inex- t guys i don't need to see alastair black injured and losing coming out to just lose in the royal rumble that's when adam cole baby is like what we got to have somebody who gets is kicked out in the second and we got have somebody in comedy spot those lose their impact when you force it every year if you did it once three four five years it's way funnier it's way more like all my god i can't believe bugging logano way jose totally believe away yet jose was another wasted spa dammit me and he's a wasted spot period with this line gimmick that they keep trying to force when different characters it's it's not the character that keeps failing that story guys it's the storyline nobody cares about you fucking jumping out with the dance party 'cause nobody fucking does that in real life nobody four just happened once and we don't we're done with take time and we passed it conga lines if two thousand nineteen mother fuckers congo lines and been part of this and seventy nine assholes well adam adam rose it was pretty cool when he i did it in an x._t. for weeks so let's i thought the one thing yet and i get it last year adam cole was a surprise in exte- person right so two years in a row but god damnit van ryan experience i want in those fucking shows yeah with the crowd adam kobe right you know what i mean and just just that so like shelton benjamin nobody cares nobody not even the president of the shelton benjamin fan club truly believed shelton benjamin wynn in this match yes so just get him out and put in an adam cole or put in you know johnny gargano was a good surprise i was like oh oh yeah that's cool let's see what he looks like standing next to dean ambrose that's when i think the takeover call ups like in the rumble work well because then you like okay this is a midget okay this is a star you know what i mean well let's kick off with the rumble atmosphere for throw says poor j. e. s. j. double r. e. double t. t. w. w. e. double t. a._t._t. right yeah that that was good yeah i thought that was a great way to start off i even told you it was the two thousand nineteen version of jeff jarrett starting the show and it was the nineteen ninety four version of elias coming in second except just wasn't you know like you mentioned guitar shot you know we're making our predictions on the fly through text methods between and you were like guitar shot obviously didn't do that he likes sucker punched him qatar yeah they did at the second night on raw with the singing of the song i would have done if i was booking it i would have had him say like we're seeing that song have the whole fucking crowd mumble all of it until right till when they know the fucking everyone mumbles until they get to that part and then hit him with the guitar thrown that yeah yeah okay so what else happened in the room i mean okay ni- jax where do you plan on it so the one thing that i'll just say is like she's not this wasn't revolutionary china did this venus did this so i got a little bit flabbergasted and dumbfounded when everyone was no you're jack's we've done this we've done for karma norma came in the i don't know what the we added benefit was is for a longtime now because it's rumored to center around there toy deal with mattel is that there will be no direct on purpose men violence upon women right right which they went away from that and i'm glad because we're talking about ray mysterio nyah jack's people if this was Looking at these two and I'm like well yeah. Why can't I take a foot from Ramos Stereo right like it shouldn't be like a whom I go to mid hit? A woman like the main is a third of her fucking size. It couldn't hurt that God damn bad Ramos but Randy Orton is not randy. Orton is not now there is something to you can't keep sitting here. The men are equal to the women and then but we've got to protect the women from the men will then yet falls the puck and part so if she everson fucking K with the separation. I'm okay with the separation. I don't like yeah kind of sexist but the point here is no. She wants fucking match because she's a if this were real life she walks into that match because she thinks I'm big and tough and compete these motherfuckers up then tough shit. You got your ass beat by a couple of block and dudes now. I'm totally okay with that but again if we're going to say this this is why I'm not okay with it in today's current whatever we're calling this era right is if we're going to say at last year's Wrestlemainia we need to accept Nyah Jack's because of her size and she looks different and you know this is going to be geared towards obviously not thirty thirty year olds this geared towards kids well fun fat girls evolve quicker than boys and so if I see that a girl is bigger than me if I watched Niger get hit by Randy Orton that means I can hit Stacey A._C. in class because she's a little bit bigger than me. Well like we're setting. There's also the Joan try this shit at home right like who listening you can still reiterate that this is fucking performance art right yeah so there is still this and we've said it all the time like women you can't go. We are equal. I get a hit them in and they can't hit me back. Fuck Shit you right fuck you. You're get where I'm okay with it and this sounds hypocritical but I do have a little bit of wiggle on the stance is where I am okay with it. Win Stephanie McMahon Would Smack Jack Roman reigns Roman reigns can put her in a submission. You know what I'm saying like. I'm totally okay with that part. It's the we're gonNA have a match. It's Candice Lorraine Versus Rey Ministerial Fuck off. I don't WanNa see that well Tessa Blanchard. It's been fucking wrestling people left right. I know I know and so is Candice Laurey. She was doing the whole prettiest team with Joey Ryan. They're doing the inner gender I don't like it. I don't want it. I don't want it. Science says the men will always kick a woman's ass so we don't need to prove it. I've seen some women be fucking. Some dudes in my life. Trust me Tania Singer who fights in the U._F._C.. I've seen her beat the Shit Outta guys at whiskey tango plenty of times. I'm I'm just saying some that everyone you know what I mean. Of course I mean now like you see. Women go if we're going to go but I also for the so to me where the equality thing comes in is where you're like. I don't want women because you know seventy five percent or more percent of the time that men has a physical strength advantage. That's going to be up. I can see the same thing for a bigger man on a smaller man right rock listeners should not fuck and beat me up because he just can right like there's not bucking cooler either right now when that's in real life when people aren't choosing to fucking fight in sanctioned event right like therein lies the difference even if this were him in May if a woman were say I'm GonNa fight a man in the man's like you really want to do this. In the great yes okay way then she suffered by just don't want this to go down a slippery slope where Alexa Bliss got jumped by Dean Ambrose. Yes yeah the where he became uncouth and didn't age well from the you know. The attitude era is putting may young onto a fucking table. You know what I mean like guys and so of course right but then with the creative you know limitations at these writers have because obviously we've seen I feel like you start to say Nyah jags versus Dean Ambrose Okay now Alexa Bliss going through something all that aside Niger. It's a thought did what she did really well. She came in likes fucking grinning ear to ear with that shitting Grin like I'm GonNa fuck all you up for a couple of up. Tossing pucks out. Even took sold the hits well. You know what I mean like an thought she'd do well. I one of the most improved people over a very short period of time for me <music>. Oh my God what is not improved about it or her years. We've been improved buyer. She's been getting less screen time while she's getting the three segments the her presence in the ring doesn't look like I don't know what I'm fucking doing anymore right. Hurt your cater. You're wanting to hate her is improved right yeah. She's doing that well. She's doing. I'm going to be he'll thing but I think the thing being been. The most improved is that she's went from three segments. A show to one segment show. I think is perfect. Segments is that's when I start to complain. That ain't her decision that's W._W._e.. B._W._I. Character but again I'm doing what I see. You know what I'm saying yeah so I like when she's like looking girls whose like the fucker. You're GONNA do about and I like when she like you know he was fucking with Dean. She's like what what what you fucking. Come in here and do something right because you go any woman that doesn't real life. You want to look at that guy..

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