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You know all of that story what's not way sat though ninety I was easy pants important that I say is that equally the southern state was deeply floors profoundly sectarian in its own different way. And people in both of the states on the island suffered as a consequence appreciation very very directly may people were denied what we would regard as the most basic of rights and in both of the states and it's taken us almost jus- entry to kind of extricate ourselves from that kind of toxic at politics and to see actually a horizon for achieving the kind. Of. Martin's that was proclaimed in nineteen sixteen on the on the steps of the nope which as you know on inclusivity about fighting every citizen that was to give women equal say any lack this incredible document way ahead of its time I'm not yet delivered an icy in reunification the real chance to deliver all of those things and to really heal the comforts. To develop that relationship with our neighbors because we have to have a good relationship with the English with the Scots whatever political or constitutional or nation that finally Lanson that's absolutely essential because we live neutrally cyprus-ize. Just. Before we finish running out of time I, do have a question about the immediate future. Leadership question a question about policy management is how prepared you are for the the increase scrutiny that shouldn't find will now come under as the actual party of opposition. As again I'm showing you know last week one of your abstentionist Westminster MP's Malloy said that the arteries people were sold a pup with the Good Friday accords and it was all just a bluff and on election night of course, there were a couple of you and utd's perhaps somewhat carried away and started singing songs and waving flags that made people a little bit nervous. How hard are you going to have to crack the whip? Do you think? When as hard as I have to? Crack in any whips to be honest with you end this question on election night would have been absolutely grand in done in the public is afterwards on evidence things but. It will. It wasn't the the things for the Santer 'em look I'm at this hour wire. could buy and I have never been anything other than seventy thoroughly with nights on I imagine that's not going to change, and that's part of this whole process while. Even if you think that sometimes this is a bit over the top or the people at the wrong end of the stick in it's it's a bit peculiar at your questions that are be repeatedly puts you enough it is washed. It is than once you step forward into the lice of a public representation ashes for the poor. So now I'm not anxious about that at all I know myself up because the party has grown so dramatically. So quickly, you know that obviously our management system within the party has to be acid, the top notch and we've had. been at work to do on that, it's not easy. It's. News to transition from a small to medium sized to large variety. But it's like any other organization you have to make sure that you're not show with. So not always be working his script be not obsolete that we should be scrutinized I inquiry everybody to to scrutinize Xinfang from top to bottom so. Mary Lou McDonald Thanks for joining us. That's it. For this episode of the Foreign Desk. We'll be back next week and look out for the foreign desk explainer available every Wednesday the foreign desk was produced by to Rabelo, and you'll in Goffin Yolene also edited the program for me Andrew. Miller, thanks very much for listening until next time. Goodbye..

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