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On a regular basis. He travels all over the place in usually in the name of, of good food, and good drink. And he's been everywhere in here. We are connecting with him again. Now, we are over. I think our Dublin Ireland, right? Dave hammond. Welcome to WGN. Hey, Dan, yes, I am in Dublin today exceptional an exceptional vogue. And this is really great, it feels really close. Right. Remember when you and I talked with Dr Watson Egypt and it was kind of scratchy from so far. But so here you are in the middle of in the middle of island. You know, a country that has for the dairy such a great connection. Greek community here. So you've been there a couple days, what are your is this the first time that you've been there? It is the first time I have been here, all the other UK countries. But this the first time I've ever been an Eyler Ireland. I'm really glad to be here to his DNA testing indicates that I have a larger percentage of Irish blood in me. Italian, I've always identified with the Italian side of the family. But it turns out. Statistic, not that long ago that this like a huge number of people in the United States identify as Irish particularly Saint Patrick's Day, of course. But they feel there's a we there's a real close association between the people of the United States, and the people of Ireland, you can see it in our folk music. I mean, a lot of the, you know, bluegrass music, and so on drew on folk songs that I refer roots. So there's a cultural connection. But also, I think there's a certain sympathy that people of the United States have for folks at Ireland in part because we both fought the British and are maybe still fighting the in some ways. So we have we have that fellow feeling that connection with with Irish people that we may not have with some other countries necessarily. Well, maybe, maybe you're getting a little bit of that five being over there that the kind of animosity or some friction with the no, I shouldn't. I did not detect any anti British feeling. Ireland nor in our own country. I'm talking about historically. There's been a battle against the imperial force of England. You know we had a revolution here. And of course, they had years of fighting and fighting continues in Northern Ireland where they have the troubles, which is friction between what they see is British occupiers and the native the native people. Continues there. We resolved our problems along time ago. You have a culture that has is a big part is certainly has a big festive side to it. You something right? When you have an entire line of, of well-worn t-shirts, kiss me. I- mirus. Right. You. This Lavi and you just don't see as many. Is part of our connection with with Ireland is, is one. You mentioned so many people identify with, and you mentioned somebody will have kind of that lineage, based in it, as well as it's kinda the quintessential American story. One of those big waves of, of immigrants, you know with with the Irish coming in and assimilating and being such a big part of everything that goes on. I think that's part of the reason why you know, just as you mentioned, you know, with England as well, but that there's just such a I think, I think it affects. Right. I think there's a great relationship. I think there's an affinity, I think, at least I feel like because, you know, we feel very warm towards everything all things Irish here beyond just what happens in around Saint Patrick's Day, but you get that, while you're there, that, that they're that they're like Americans that were you know, we're all on the point. I think so I think there's impact, I've noticed that in many countries, I've gone to, and they tend to people in other lands tend to make a distinction between American citizens American government, and they're mature enough, those people, I've met to see that there's a difference between the two. They may not always agree with our government's policies generally, like Americans and one reason for that. I think is American music and entertainment because. America has the some industries that we've excelled in, our, we may may see as falling behind, but entertainment, American entertainment, I think reigns supreme example, walking around Dublin. First day, I'm here. I see people wearing a Bruce Springsteen t shirts. Marilyn Manson t shirts, it's their list, a set from you to what kind of Irish musicians t-shirts shirts have if you've seen in this in our country in America, which brings me to the side for interesting visit I made yesterday. We went to Slane castle and though the producers of slain whiskey. In fact, the reason I'm on this trip is to visit different two stories in Ireland, Irish whiskey is really coming on heavy right now, kind of fun fact. In the last century, there were like was like eighteen eighty one hundred Irish distillers people making spirits in nineteen eighty two Irish distilleries precipitous fall, and now, they're like twenty five with two more scheduled to open up this year and projections are, that Irish whiskey could actually exceed sales of scotch in the United States, by the middle twenty twenty-five, something like that, which is, which is pretty amazing had meteoric growth in the last decade or so. What are you tribute that too, because you look at here in Chicago, as far as the craft distilleries and just the ability to go ahead and do that. And just how can be received any just don't have to be a big giant manufacturer anymore to find whether it's an audience or a fan based, or get your product out there is it just that they may be hadn't had the, the marketing for it or maybe hadn't had, you know, maybe I think maybe one because they're so identified with Guinness. Right. And so you have that it's certainly a culture for, for festivity and imbibing and all that kind of stuff, I'm surprised that. It's, it's taken this long. Well, it's a. A lot of people that one, one factor is quite definitely. It's it, it hasn't had the marketing muscle behind it. That say scotch has head has bourbon is, is a beautiful example of another beverage that fell out of favor in the seventies and eighties. And so on, and now is big can hardly build bourbon distilleries fast enough to keep pace with, with the buddy of mine. Chuck Cowdery who wrote a book is a couple of books bourbon said that he thought this is kind of the women's movement. Save bourbon, he has said and what he means by that is that with, with the increasing independence and voice, that women have in American politics and culture, and they should always have had it, of course, did in a in a kind of background way. But because the women are demanding and receiving respect equal pay equal to that received by men that also drinking some, the spirits that used to be. A guy thing in bourbon used to be something, the men would drink in the women would have, you know, Chardonnay or something like that. But now women account for huge proportion of the bourbon drinking population in the United States. So. irish whiskey coming back it's it's interesting to me just as another side note the very word whiskey is gaelic comes from a gaelic word an old irish word is like this or something like that which and wisco- that whiskey that that sound within a plight to the whole class of beverages called whisky so they need marketing muscle behind him also i think just as there's an increasing interest with mexican spirits like moscow princeton's i think there's an increasing interest in the united states and elsewhere in spirits that have been big in their homeland but have have either fallen out a favor or were never really a mess call never really that much in favor in this part of in the united states in that part of north america so i think fans of of spirits and this is one thing that i think has changed maybe the perception the last twenty years or so where you thought hey you know people would find a situation where it's not broke don't fix it you know if you're a bud man or whatever whether it's on the beers and now it seems like on the craft beer side people can't get enough of every single kind and wanna try every single kind and the variety is the spice a life i think you're seeing that on the spirit side to where there's room for for everybody to go ahead if you're making some good stuff you can find an audience find a fan base that i think if you're in a place like ireland you mentioned that history with so much going on in the past you just tap into some of that lineage and and i think you've you've got products that you can do here's the other side of it to you mentioned you know on the maybe women are getting more into some of these different spirits maybe finding ways to enjoy any brand ambassador worth their salt is going to have way that we can enjoy something needs or find some great cocktails and be approachable for anybody but you're seeing some of these other countries like china now with fifteen percent of the g._d._p. where they're buying up a lot of these things that were seen as kind of indulgences they're getting in on with the bourbons and and i think that's one of the markets to where you can you can get into the american market Then also too. There's other places on tap as well. Definitely, just as the Chinese are interested in, in Bordeaux in French cheese. a wine in french teeth they're becoming more interested in american spirits and hopefully irish spirits although people i've spoken to here say that there's been very little market penetration in china so far but that's of course a gigantic market and i think it's just a matter of time before we break in there so we say we went to slain yesterday this this old estate we talked to this this young man who's the ninth is kind of like a older hippy guy now but he's the ninth earl of cunningham at the state and his dad who was the marquis i guess my my my sense of royal hierarchy and britain is the united kingdom is a little bit but his dad was a marcus he's an earl and the rock and roll enthusiasts so on this property slane castle they have i don't know what it is at something like a hundred acre field that they regularly host rock band for instance we were there a few days after metallica performed there Group, but performed in this field include, like David Bowie Dylan Springsteen Queen. I mean, there's been amazing X that have been brought to this castle, which is not in Dublin. It's like thirty five forty five minutes outside of Dublin U2. in fact, if you remember the song pride, which was unforgettable fire, U2.'s album. They recorded that if you've seen the video they recorded it in the ballroom at Slane castle, and they're one of the first bands to be book there. So this is this is kind of a cool place. Yesterday, talking to Alec the ninth Earl of Cunningham and he. Telling this, this is your take this with a great assault. I thought it was hilarious. He said they were thinking of putting into the needed to dig for water because you need a lot of water when you're making whisky you needed, not only to put in whiskey, because you don't usually so whiskey at cask strength. That is the, the proof that comes out of the barrels, because it's way, way to idea to tone it down a little bit more, like eighty five proof, something like that. So you need water for that. You also need water for cooling, the fermentation tanks and all kinds of stuff. So you need water when you have a distillery. So he hired these science guys to come in and hydrologist. I guess you'd call them to look for springs, and he couldn't find spring couldn't find springs and he said he spent like six thousand dollars. A pop heaven. These guys come in wasn't doing any good. So in the local community, he found a diviner these I wanted to talk about this diviner situation, and it's going to be a great story. So what we do have to get to a break on a typical. Quick break. Come talk about the ancient art of divining how the, the ninth Earl of Cunningham. This is pretty great sustained do for that day. Whole tight will be right negotiating with fairies negotiating with. That's great quite a teaser. Stay tune Dane here. Seven twenty WGN..

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