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More like a mother than a sister. She held their hand to school bus and onto the bus every day. She was she's holding their hand when they were the pickup drivers charged with three counts of reckless homicide. This is AP radio news. A twenty one year old Illinois man, who is said to have told friends he was sick of his parents has confessed to killing them and dumping their bodies into a river about forty miles from their home in Peoria police, say Jose Ramirez told them he pepper sprayed his parents as they slept Friday night and then stabbed them to death. Their bodies were found today. An Alabama coal company is under investigation in Colombia Colombian, authorities are focusing on irregular payments allegedly made by Alabama based Drummond company to a contractor who was convicted in twenty thirteen of killing two union leaders who worked at Drummond, the tempo newspaper reports eight Drummond executives will be summoned to explain the unusually high payments Drummond is not the first US corporation to be accused of financing paramilitary groups in two thousand seven Cincinnati-based Chiquita Brands International pleaded guilty to paying right wing delicious. But Chiquita claimed it was extorted and paid out of fear to avoid violent retaliation. I'm Mike Rossier? I'm Tim Maguire AP radio news. Or listening to the AP digital news network. The UK will start taxing big internet companies Britain's Treasury chief Philip Hammond unveiled the new tax Mondays he outlines his punch it companies typically pay their taxes where they're based. But while local governments can impose a sales tax on physical goods in shops and restaurants that has not been the case with online service providers in the EU foreign companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook pay what tax they owe in the country where they have their regional base, usually a low tax haven like Ireland. So the businesses generate little or no tax revenue in countries like the UK where they have significant operations having said the digital sales tax will be structured to apply to established tech giant's rather than tech startups. He also emphasized that it was not an online sales tax on goods ordered over the internet. Japanese automaker Honda Motor company. Is reporting. Twenty one percent jump in its profit in the last quarter and cost cuts and healthy motorcycle sales. The company says it's July through September profit was two hundred ten point seven billion yen or one point nine billion US dollars up from one hundred seventy four billion yen quarterly sales edged up nearly two percent from year earlier to three point eight four trillion yen or thirty four billion US dollars and this has caused from recalls, and litigation really the two defective airbag inflators made by Takata fell helping lifted spot and wine sales of Honda's and box series in Japan were strong during the quarter and truckin civic sedan sales were solid in the US motorcycle sales were strong in India, Vietnam, and Indonesia and production was expanded at a plant in India. Foodmakers are clamoring to get their products declared healthy as the federal government seeks to redefine the term AP. Correspondent Warren Levinson reports. What does the word healthy mean on a food label in one thousand nine hundred four when the food and Drug administration I established rules. It meant limited fat and cholesterol content. But nutrition sciences a moving target and since the FDA announced three years ago that it was updating the term foodmakers have lined up to claim the word healthy for their own makers of pizza bagels and dumplings say they should qualify as part of a healthy diet. So do producers of chewing gum and bottled water. The FDA says it's looking for a definition that consumers can trust is based in science Warren Levinson, New York, Trump and Pittsburgh attack. I'm Tim Maguire. The AP news of funerals were held today for four the eleven people killed in last Saturday's massacre inside a Pittsburgh synagogue, President Trump first lady Melania Trump arrived at the tree of license after today's services which were held in other areas and just down the street protesters demanded Trump. I go home rabbi Walter Jacobs. After attending the funeral for one of the eleven victims says Trump's visit doesn't change what happened. It's very kind.

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