Mr President, President Wells Mosley, President Johnson discussed on 1865



A glass walk. I'm fine. I'm fine. I need a moment alone with of course but iron away any in August till I'm gone. He is already entertaining guests. President Johnson and secretary <hes> wills with net on the dog is <music>. I'm Mad I'm mad cer- President Wells Mosley's to stanton. Do not expect to find you to here yet here. We are interrupting no no it was just regaling us with the heroin tale his attack hell of a story. Ray seward tells me you are with him. Stanton just moments before pay not done the door sir. You know lucky you left when you did. Would you be given that fellow more favorable target. Do you mean his beard verse. Belly uh-huh damn good to have you back soon a damn good indeed secretary wills was just filling me in on the details of President Johnson's Johnson's amnesty propose. Is that right yes. I've not read it. Of course I'm still feeling entirely myself after to what you can do it. WHO CAN BLAME YOU MR President. I'm surprised this proposal is being discussed at all especially given the nature of our last conversation yes tale was to seward needs time to recover gentlemen. Let's not thrust him into the middle of a contentious debate so soon it's fine Edwin. I'm fine. I sent for the the president directly did you yes. I'm only here to pay my respects. You brought along your amnesty proposal. I'm afraid I'm the culprit here Mr Steph. It was my suggestion. President Humid me after everything. Mr Sue has been through. He's and a chance to make his views known. I appreciate that Mr President if I recall Mr Stanton that is precisely what we discussed in our private conference last is. I suppose you're right South Mississippi. What are you all right. Yes I am. I Shall I send for a man downstairs. No no need I'm. I'm just a little over well gentlemen. If you don't mind of course you.

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