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Been rigorous. Spend time tested, and Americans seem to feel comfortable with this notion that this is a safe and effective vaccine, doctor, Gupta says in the coming weeks, this vaccination will also shed light on how long immunity lasts and if the vaccine can protect against further transmission of the virus. Rising coronavirus cases in kits up county, forcing more court delays. We get more from co most Kelly Blier back in March of the beginning of the pandemic, the state Supreme Court suspended jury trials, but they resumed in July with protections in place. But the kids up sun reports following the Thanksgiving holiday, the county has seen a significant surgeon cases, forcing judges to re suspend jury trials until next year. On Monday. Jury selection during the child pornography trial had to be stopped when two potential jurors reported they had family members in their homes with covert 19 since March, the county is on Lee held three criminal trials. Superior Court jury trials will not start up again until February. 1st and District Court trials not until March. 1st Kelly BLIER COMA news Researchers at the University of Washington are warning against something called post Covad syndrome. Dr. William Banks says they found evidence the virus and it's proteins can enter. The brain causing ill effects long after the infection has been fought off. If there are long term symptoms s sort of post coveted syndrome, the brain may be involved in that. Dr. Banks says it can manifest his brain fog or even dementia. The study appears in the journal Nature Neuroscience. It's now 7 40 at CO Moh news from the Beacon Plumbing sports desk. We're going to keep an eye on the Washington Husky men's basketball. They host the Montana Grizzlies tonight that game tips off here in about 20 minutes. So again, we'll be watching that one. Meantime, the Seahawks need to slow down a former teammate. In the other Washington this Sunday. Cuomo's bill Sports with more J. D McKissick didn't see the football field too much here in Seattle. But now with the Washington football team has become a featured back A guy Bobby Wagner will try to contain Sunday in D. C. You know, he was great while he was here, you know, he was a great teammate, one of one of the funniest teammates And, you know, see him out there. Doing his thing is is definitely fun to watch, but hopefully don't have a good game, a big day in college football, high school and JC players with early national letter of intent signings. The Washington Huskies had 15 athletes lead by five star quarterback Sam Hear Word from Kennedy Catholic Washington State grabbed 19 future. Koop's Including a Florida linebacker. Gavin Bartel, Seattle Mariners, overhauling the American League's worst bullpen manager, Scott Service High on relief pitcher Rafael Montero they acquired in a trade with Texas. You know, all of the scouting reports that pitch grades we have on him well above average with four pitches. He's pitched at the end of games. He closed games out, I think is a great addition to what we're doing. And the Mariners also out of Portland, native free agent right hander Kenyan Middleton Sports A 10 and 40 After the hour Bill Swerts Come on, is Target..

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