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Yes. Outstanding comparison. Larry, I all right. Thank you for the call. Larry. I don't recall Bill Maher ever. Call him calling an African American the N word. So I would respectfully disagree with Larry. But I appreciate the call. Anyway, let's go to my man, Brian Salman who obviously works for channel three as the lead anchor there. He was at the press conference today as well. Bryan. How's it going? All right. How you doing? What's going on? Jay. I'm doing good doing good. Thanks for hanging out. Brian just hanging out. Thanks for joining us. Okay. So you were at the press conference, Brian as we were what went through your mind when Mr. Browner just went off on Bernstein and called them all those horrible things that are even want to repeat again. I was in shot. Really? I was talking to Bercy and like this. 'cause I know outburst is one of the most respected guys in boxing. I anyone who really has a bad thing to say about him. I actually talked with Albertine after the fact kinda get his take on things. But yeah, as Adrian Boorda was going through this and saying, you know, I don't wanna talk to you. I'm not messing with you and everything else. I was just really in shock that. He was talking to him about this. And then I wonder what did I say if anything that made him feel this way? Well, even if well what I think what I think we all can probably imagine that Bernstein was criticizing his boxing. And as you know, but you know, as we're all aware Browner doesn't like anyone who goes after a men critiques is his boxing, which is ridiculous. But Brian this is what I think is just as bad if not worse. I'm I'm I'm sitting next to these these Philip this Filipino contingent and Adrian Bronner screams out at them. I got a cat for you for dinner. I got some saute German shepherd for you in the back. I mean, how how inappropriate is that? I mean that that's really really bad. He thinks he's being funny. He thinks you know, I think Jason Jason. What's your last caller had the the take, you know, the Bill Maher right of boxing with Jason follows a good thing. I thought it was it was as well. I remember Bill Maher actually said something to the effect of us were talking to. I can't remember talking. Well, let me let me ask you about. Yeah. He did say the N word in his monologue, which he immediately apologized for following that which I thought was inappropriate and he thought so too and he apologized for it. But he didn't call somebody. But he didn't call somebody that you know, I'm not saying I'm not trying to make it any better. But let leads she leads me to my next question. My opinion on that word is it we've talked about this before Brian. I don't think it should ever be used under any context. I don't care if it's African-Americans saying it. I don't care who it is the the bottom line is the word should never be used period. You know, and the fact that Bronner just even others that word towards Albert Einstein of all people is an embarrassment. Well, I got a different view on that. I mean, the fact that one I don't think anyone especially someone who's not in whatever group you're talking about. Whether you're talking about, you know, someone from the the trans are L B J Q community. What are you talking about someone from from the black community? Why community whatever race you are? If you're from the Jewish community. I don't think it's for me to tell someone else with they should say to one another. So I'll say that. But as far as I thought, it was incredibly ignorant and in poor taste, and basically what he was doing was speaking. I don't wanna say, but he was speaking to him as if he was a black, man. So to speak. I'm not condoning what he said. Because again, it was incredibly ignorant to say when he said he wasn't calling him. But let's just say let's just say if Al Bernstein, wasn't African American isn't there, isn't it your duty to be somewhat professional up there on the stage. What? Say somewhat because I know it's hard absurd. Yeah. What he said was completely absurd completely out alive. It wasn't like I don't think that necessarily that wasn't racist. As far as like with the what are you saying that the Filipino contingent out there? That was completely right? I agree. I agree when when he uses the N word towards Al Bernstein. I'm not I'm not calling him a racist for that. I'm saying for some for some of the things he said in the past and for the things he said to the Filipino contention. Yes. We agree that.

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