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Were. And they're even closer. Now. Let's start off in Jacksonville where it still ten point game. The Jaguars had the ball back a little more than midway through the fourth quarter years Roger sock men and the Jaguars had the punt the ball away. Pittsburgh went on offense. Ben Rothlisberger got him down the midfield. But an incomplete pass on the Steelers have now lost the ball on down. So now midway on the fourth quarter. Check wires now lead the Pittsburgh Steelers by a score sixteen to six with six fifty one left to go in this ball game. The Jaguars scored their first six points came on a two yard Leonard hundred dive into the end zone. Leonard fournette the workforce for the Jaguars his rush for more than a hundred dollars in today's game. And the Jaguars have also scored three field goals back in the second quarter from their kicker. Josh Lambeau, here's longest forty eight yards for the Jaguars for all three field goals and in six points from Leonard fournette for the Steelers they finally scored a big band through. I BIC seventy eight yard touchdown pass was wide receiver Antonio Brown for six points. Steelers went right two point conversion, but the extra point failed. So now the Steelers only came up with six points. Big Ben is now twelve for twenty five one hundred forty four yards passing. And Rothlisberger has been intercepted three times in this game. Two of those picks box cornerback. Jalen Ramsey from the Jaguars. So right now, we have less than seven minutes to go in the ballgame. Pittsburgh has the ball box right now. But Jacksonville's on top sixteen to six over Pittsburgh ten point game. There. The Panthers in lions were tie. But a terrific catch by Kenny golladay changed that let's get more from Denny cap. Nineteen yard little faith PASCAL a day over the terms of James bradberry. And you hate to look for a goat on a defensive side of a field. But if you're Panthers fan James Bradbury has been absolutely owned by Kenny golladay today going back to the first quarter. When Bradbury briefly had an interception that golladay ripped out of his hands. And then ran down the field with and since then cages and running circle around James bradberry today golladay now with seven catches for eight catches, I should say one hundred thirteen yards and a touchdown lions still though reeling right now without that carry on Johnson in the locker room, and he's been downgraded to out with a knee injury was reported to be crying. When he went up the tunnel that could be a big factor for the lions going forward, especially with a quick turnaround playing the berries on Thursday thanksgiving. But for the moment, the lying gets the score. And then force a three and out on defense and had the ball back. They can. Try to kill some clock with Zach Zana unlike Garrett blunt in the backfield four twenty eight to go and regulation lions twenty Panthers. There's well. There's certainly experience in that backfield. That's for sure the one game that is not close at all. And it has been not that way where it has been that way. I should say the not close since early in the second quarter. And that's an Indianapolis where the colts are on their way to their fourth straight win. Let's get more from Tom Aitken's as we speak. We are at the two minute warning in this ball game with Indianapolis on top by a score of thirty eight to three the Tennessee titans. Trying to put a touchdown on the board. They are at the colts twenty five yard line. The best opportunity they've had quite some time this afternoon, Andrew lucked twenty three out of twenty nine passes. Two hundred ninety seven yards and three touchdowns to Y Hilton has been on the receiving end of nine of those passes for one hundred fifty five yards and two of the touchdown catches. Everything has gone. The colts way this afternoon. The defense has played inspired football this afternoon, holding Tennessee. Offense completely unchecked. And as reported out the offense your stars have risen to the occasion to show. The folks here to come for the ring of honor ceremony or Reggie Wayne that this version of the colts is still a team to watch Indianapolis all the way to their fourth straight win with two minutes left to play in the ball game. It's the colts thirty eight the Tennessee titans. Three very much, Tom Aitken's. Let's head to Craig heist in Baltimore Ravens have come back with a field goal and have taken the lead. Once again, here's Craig panacea team. Tucker. Twenty four yard field goal is kept shopper for Justin. But that's good enough to give the ravens a twenty four twenty one lead. Bengals with the ball, though, inside the ravens thirty five and they've got a third and eight at their at the ravens thirty three. So one of the things that kept his drive a live on the third and twelve moments ago was Andy Dalton Tyler Boyd on the third and twelve at their own thirty eight or thirty two yards in this game. I will tell you that Lamar Jackson is thirteen of nineteen for one hundred fifty yards and on the ground. He's seventeen carries for one hundred and fifteen yards. But one of the big surprises for the ravens day is Gus Edwards. He's gotten the ball seventeen times a hundred and fifteen yards on the ground. And that's been a big part of that. So the drive stalls here for the Bengals and they're gonna lineup arena. Bullet is going to attempt a fifty. One or fifty two yard field goals to try to tie this game up. You know, we're not Jackson's been pretty good today. All things considering a lot of things short in the passing game. That's kept him out a third and longs. And that's one of the reasons why he's had the success that he's had today. The field goal attempt was no good. Just under four minutes to play three fifty nine. It's twenty four twenty one ravens that seemed like a makeable field goal for Randy Bullock who has come a big down the stretch before. But not there, and it's still a three point game with just under four minutes left. So it's now up to the Bengals defense to try to get I should say for the Bengals defense to get the ball back and stop the ravens. So the give Andy Dalton another opportunity. Let's go to Mike man, where saquon Barkley may have just sealed this one it's more from Mike. You would think so a two yard touchdown run for Barclay. He has over a hundred and thirty five yards on the day with two touchdowns. Giants now on top of Tampa thirty. Eight to twenty eight giants had that thirty one to twenty eight lead. But they just were very aggressive on offense. Eli manning hitting Evan Ingram for fifty four yards that gotten down to eleven and a couple of plays later Barkley goes in from two yards out. So he has three touchdowns today. He caught one he's run for two manning seventeen of eighteen for two hundred thirty one yards and two touchdowns. So the giants thirty eight Tampa twenty eight we have three fifty two many Jameis Winston has done a good job in relief of Ryan Fitzpatrick with the nine eleven rich for one hundred and forty yards and he's engineered two scoring drives a seventy yards. Plus so Tampa getting some, you know, some play out of their offense, but still Ryan Fitzpatrick three interceptions and the defense is virtually non-existent. He just putting eleven guys on the field of the giants. Adjoining scrimmage place. Three fifty two remaining fourth quarter. Tampa Bay trails. The giants thirty eight to twenty eight nine it's all over the. The Mercedes Benz stadium in what an ending. It was here's Jeff Zell rich. It's all over in more ways than one the game is over and you've got to say the season is over as well the four and six as Brett Maher kicks a forty two York time expires to give the Cowboys three point win. Dallas got the ball which one fifty to go the ten plays fifty one yards. Then they kicked a field goal. Some very very personal coaching by Dan went on that final drives Dallas was at third and five and their own thirty and Atlanta, call the timeouts when Dallas had the ball. And I think that really helped the Cowboys out. Don't know why they would call a time to stop the clock. When Dallas is one with the ball on the day. Dak Prescott twenty to thirty two for two hundred eight yards. You had a four yard touchdown run. Ezekiel Elliott twenty three carries one hundred twenty two yards including a twenty three yard touchdown run. Matt ryan. Four thirty four day. Two hundred ninety one yards one touchdown one picks. But his touchdown pass the Hughley. Oh Joan with one fifty two to go was about a thirty four yard touchdown tied. The game at nineteen and land had been down by Chen, not storing much about ten straight points in the fourth quarter. But Dallas comes down kick the field goal as time spires and the Cowboys beat the falcons twenty two to nineteen right? So the falcons the Cowboys right now at five and five with back to back wins after that loss to Tennessee with the big dramatic victory. And now they go home to play the Redskins on Thursday and Alex Smith will miss that game. I would assume considering the gruesome nature of that injury that he suffered earlier the falcons again now after winning three in a row have lost back to back games. Speaking of Alex Smith and the Redskins. Let's get more on their day right now. It's been quite a battle in Washington under five minutes left. Yeah. There had been an interesting stat and Redskins games this season where they're. Had not been a single league changing any Redskins games up to this point now in the fourth quarter. We already had two lead changes. Of course, the Redskins took twenty one twenty earlier early in the fourth quarter on the Adrian Peterson run. The Texans marched downfield were able to get a fifty fifty four yard field goal to take a twenty three twenty one lead. Shawn Watson fifteen for twenty two hundred ninety five yards one touchdown to interceptions on the day. Lamar Miller fifteen four seventy six yards. The Redskins started to move downfield. However, we're stopped quickly as Cole McCoy where sacrosanct twice into play. The second time in fact by David clowney, forcing them to punt. The Texans have the ball now on the red on their own forty five yard line may have third and seven three fifty one left in this game. And they are going to pick up this first down. They have a little dump off for first downs the clock. We'll keep moving here at Washington. Three forty left in the game. The Texans lead twenty three twenty one. Okay. Thank you very much. Erin oester. So. So right now a two point game in Washington. The Texans with the ball late in this one Renate eight oh checking in from New Orleans those saints at eight and one taking on the eagles the best game of the late ones. Most likely and here is Rene. Good. Hey, rich. How are you doing? Drew Brees play was a lots of juice. He's completed seventy seven point three percent of his passes. Twenty one touchdowns only one going to the wrong color jersey. The saints off at score is at an unprecedented rate of sixty one percent of their possessions. The two thousand nine Super Bowl saints team on forty two percent of that drives. The saints rank in the top ten league wide and fifteen offensive categories, including first points per game at thirty six point seven points per outing New Orleans has consecutive wins. Longest winning streak is thirteen back in two thousand nine hundred Sean watch rich the team is owned filed against all time against reigning Super Bowl champions. And with the eagles coming in here. It'll be interesting saints wide receiver Michael Thomas with two hundred seventy career catches during his first forty games, which is a league record running back. Mark Ingram is sixty four yards shy from becoming the saints all time leading rusher ego. Eagles. Carson Wentz history. Twelve touchdown passes and only two hundred receptions, averaging three hundred nine yards a fast ball games..

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