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Hey bobby rail was in the building. That george georgia's here hager. Good morning shutout to laura rodriguez heat. Laura the guy five sola. Tracy ray is here. Hey tracy good morning to you. Check out to a seed. Lynn rooney good morning crystal Arc one zero seven. Four zero was on morning. How are you today. Shots who danielle williams was something. Yeah in last night. Lease a brother from another mother. Mr cessation. who himself is in the building. What's that rail. Hey hey hey and yes. Cni do have a lot of shoulders out today. We're going to be more sunny though. Yeah i'd be cloudy first of all the. I have seen today if you would like to get your name. Shattered out. joined the chat and say hello. Yes we truly appreciate it. Definitely want you guys to stay connected with us. On social media the sean harvey morning show featuring in the wake of team business pays that we have definitely want to make sure that you like that page..

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