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Courtney Williams and Crystal Teeny. The unfettered patriot brings back the uncensored, unfiltered voices of spiritual health freedom that Americans once enjoy, doctor, according I Wanna move, touch and inspire you to always be an active role in our republic Join us and spreading this message every Saturday at nine a.m. and joined this revolution with US weekly so we can ensure our kids. Always know the true definition of red, white and blue. It's apparent now more than ever that tyranny is at our doorstep. What are you going to do by now? You've all heard Mike Lyndall talk about my pillow and how it's literally changed People's lives. They won't go flat. You can wash and dry them as many times as you want, and they maintain their shape and their made in the USA. For a limited time. Mike is offering his premium my pillows for his lowest price ever. You could get a queen sized premium my pillow for 29 98 regularly 69 98. That's a $40 savings. King's heir only $5 more. Not only are you getting the lowest price ever 29 98 for a queen size premium, but Mike is extending his 60 Day money Back guarantee. Go to my pillow dot com and click on the radio Listeners Square and use promo code. San Diego You also get deep discounts on all my pillow products, including the Giza Dream, Bedsheets, My pillow, mattress topper and my pillow, Tell Sets or call 803 10 24 58 use promo code San Diego de Enter San Diego streaming Now on my heart dot com honesty dot com Portions of today's show.

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