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Way in the past and people will have gotten themselves in control enough to go wait a minute and realize how how their liberties are being squished and taken and they're willing and i'm like me i with you. I love to travel but all all the places in the. Us haven't seen yet. And here's my thought about that. Money talks us walks so when we start shopping with our dollars and say that's fine. American airlines you will be on your plate. I won't travel and when enough people aren't getting on the plane because eighty percent of the population has not gotten the shot yet. They're going to do. They're gonna lift the mandate because they want their clients full. You're gonna ease up. They're going to ease up because they want people in those seats because that makes money for them and unless the government's willing to bail them out year after year after year and a half to change their strategies to just like we change our strategies and business. That's that's that's right. So i love again. You see i'll find a way around it and and my passionate about telling people you you have a mind. You have a choice. You don't have to do everything they're telling you. You have to do. Think think think so so precipice. We always digress on this show. We going on by two different ways. But that's also you know. What are some last tips or tricks that you wanna share with our listeners. About things that they can do to start putting their mind in a better place while number one. Is that breathing. So setting that mitt. S- taking those three deep breaths in through the nose out through the mouth and it sounds so simple but doing that in particular and simply turning off television. And i'm thinking. I'm saying that people have televisions in their bedrooms. Stop stop it. please please stop it. I took my my over ten years ago. And i don't miss it at all. Listen to a lovely podcast or the best bed for two things. Sleep and sex. That's it you don't do the tv for those two things. There you go there you go and a i. Actually i do have recordings available. One is drifting to sleep. One is called a fifteen minute reboot to listen to in the middle of your day. So i have those available on my website. I also have the clear vision workshop and that workshop is really about kind of corralling funky mind and getting it to work four years because that whole the whole manifesting thing it works because part of why it works because you are Enacting you're engaging your retailer acting system and now it's looking for what you want but of course if you don't know what you want it's not gonna find it and i love that like going to a travel agent saying okay. I don't wanna go to saint louis. Yeah so you have to get focused and choose something which can be hard right because when you choose something you might fail it you gotta let that go you gotta say this is what i want and this is how i'm gonna start noticing it so so that's an avenue a particular my workshop that i have that i would offer. I love that. I love that and i do that same thing like if i have a night where i know annapolis lethal. We all have those nights where your brain's just on you're fired up about something you know. You're not mislead. i go to youtube. And i find myself advice. Hypnotic sleep audio takes my mind out of whatever it's thinking about and puts it into something else and then i can sleep yes. I will often tell people who come for that particular reason to see me is as you lay down in bed at night. Just imagine the you have a box and you are putting everything in that box and if you need to like write it down they provide that write it down and set it down because you see your subconscious mind is just trying to keep it for you so if you write a damn you see subconscious mind. Now it's safe. You can rest. It will rest but if it has to keep the plates spinning while you sleep. It's not doing a great job. Refreshing your body so so do that and then as you go to sleep find whether it's your own mantra or your statement of i'm resilient i experienced resilience every day because the last thing you think is what your subconscious might holes for the rest of the night interesting. That's great tip integrate Robin i want to be mindful of your time. 'cause we could talk for hours. I had this conversation. How can people reach you. How do they get in touch with you. If they're resonating with what you're talking about. They want to be part of this clear vision workshop. What's the best way for the very cheap great well. My website is the best way and the website is our. Because it's robin roberts. Our our mind powers with an ass the mind powers dot com are dumbing powers dot com also super those of you driving or running. Don't worry about that will show notes. Robin has a clear vision by a challenge. Coming up and we are going to leak that information to this show as well so that you guys can get involved in that challenge and religious start. Activating your mind and letting subconscious work for you instead of against you. Absolutely thank you thank you. Thank you so much for joining us today. This has been such a pleasure thinking. I have had a great time. Just just wonderful. Thank you so much. You're very welcome. Hey it has been really great shopping this time with you guys on the. Let's talk wellness now. Podcast if this episode has helped you or you feel as though this episode would help someone else. We'd love for you to leave us a review. 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