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Think when the schedule first came out, you're right. We looked at this game. I mean God. Yet a rematch of the NF NFC title game to kind of Marquis teams very popular on and you know, Unfortunately, now I think you know, Green Bay is not played as well. Lately, it has got beat by Minnesota. Although the Niners were playing well, they had that lost last week to Seattle. They've got so many injuries. I mean, they're They're defense all year with Ford and on both a and sure Man. And then what happened offensively with with Samuel and all the running backs with most art Wilson and and calm in and then Kittel and Garoppolo. I mean, it's just been one after another, so it isn't easy to do that. I think you look a the Niners during the toughest division in the league, in my opinion, and they have an uphill battle. You know they're going to be starting mauled the quarterback and you've got you Can you know you've got some young running back now in the mix McKinnon and Haiti, But it's just not the same team that we thought we'd see. I think it's going to be Aaron Jones for Green Bay and not 100% sure, but I think he might be back this week. But you're right. It's not even a little line on a game like this, and we did. We said it at five and the betting public told us pretty quickly. That's a little bit too low, and it's already picked up and I think it's even going to go higher by Thursday night. We're by the time this game goes, you're going to see it probably go off at least six or higher as as the gamblers jump off the Niner bandwagon, and by the way less Listeners have any concerns about whether you folks in Vegas? No. Your stuff. I mean, just rewind the last 90 seconds. You're hearing you rattle off. You know, every third string running back for every NFL football, you know, right? I mean, you could do this. You could be an analyst. It's the with the breath of information. You need to do your job. We have to. I mean, it's so important us, And as I said earlier, we're in information era. And, you know, the guests have access to this mean up there looking at, you know, different sites or listening to shows such as this are your monitoring so many things, even analysts on TV. Now they give a lot of data and and kind of inside that almost accidentally. Is there kind of talking about things were you kind of have to read through the lines. I mean, we talked about it with the Jags. We knew that that meant you wasn't going to play it. Everybody was saying But you know it's going to be glad it at quarterback, but we knew two weeks ago. Our you know, good week ago are longer that probably Jake Ludden was going to be the guy that was going to start from everything that we had kind of red and and kind of seen and heard, and we had heard again and it's so much about information being able to adjust. Up or down, but the betters will tell us got it. We've talked about if that number is too high or too low really quick, and it's up to us to adjust accordingly. Everybody thinks you know we're going to put a point spread up and you know, we want to draw two way action to the game, and it's easy to do and when you were gonna win those decisions, But that's not always the case. Especially now. You know, there's There's games that moved dramatically that the public does really well on based on information that's come out talking with Czech Esposito the race in sports book director station casinos in Las Vegas, Chuck, I'm looking at the NFL Futures now and way we start with the 40 Niners and I mentioned, you know, folks jumping off the bandwagon, which is not surprising, given what's transpired. They opened it seven and one. Excuse me, 7 to 1 to win the Super Bowl. Now you're looking at 40 to 1. I imagine that will continue. Those odds will continue to get longer as the injuries continue to mount your thoughts on where people are with San Francisco Visa VI. Some of the other powerhouse is now in the NFC. You know, it's tough with the Niners because of all the injuries got. If it wasn't for the expanded format, they probably would be much higher than 40 to 1. But they're still sitting at, you know, Ah 500 record right now and anything can happen. I mean, you look at the EEG and only one team is going to get in. The Bears haven't played, you know well of late. They've dropped. You know their last two games, so it's conceivable. You know, they played Tennessee this week. They can fall back down the track. You got the Bucks and saints who are playing really good, But I think the tough part for San Francisco is that they play in the NFC West. And you look a TTE Seattle. It's six in one hand, and the cardinals and Ram that both with five wins 15 to 15 and three cardinals have won three in a row. And God, you know you're you're staring at me. Not only do you have to play better you have to get by Lisa team or to probably get in wild card contention. And that's going to be without Kittle without Garoppolo, and with all those studs on defense, so realistically that those odds probably should be much fire. It's just the expanse. Format, and they've even talked about potentially going to a 16 team format, which which could happen, and that would even increase your chance of a little bit more but again, realistically got I think that God should be greater than 40 to 1 right now. Well and to be clear the Niners not the only team, which we've seen the bottom drop out ofthe right. In fact, I look down this list and of the 10 preseason favorites or opening line favorites to win the Super Bowl. Four of the 10 have completely dropped off the map. 40 Niners Patriots Now 100 to 1 cowboys or 2 50 to 1 eagles have dropped to 60 to 1. Is that normal to see 40% of your 10 sort of preseason favorites be complete, also rans in terms of the odds by the week eight. Maybe not quite as dramatic is this I think any time you have a, you know, a catastrophic injury like which occurred with Dallas with with back and all the other injuries they had, You know, you'll see that. I think you know what the Patriots they were still the Patriots and we didn't know exactly. I mean it. Bill Belichick and the Patriots and you didn't know how good the bills or dolphins might be. I mean, I think the bills are a little bit, you know, exposed, Tio. I mean, they haven't played great of late. They kind of come back down to Earth. I know they're there. Sticked into dolphins have played well, but now the Patriots have lost four in a row. You know, it's hard to keep them up there, even though the Ravens, you know their eyes have gone up a little bit. I mean, the two toughest game they had this year, they they struggled a little bit in against Kansas City and and against Pittsburgh, So I mean, we're monitoring these all the time and adjusting based on you know what we see on the field injuries, covert problems, potential trade and the way the money's coming up. I would say, I would tend to agree with you that not quite that dramatic where you saw seems like you know the Patriots and the Cowboys. Odds be adjusted, You know, more than 10 times what they were at the start of the season. Let's move to the embassy. Unlike football, we have no data points yet for the 2021 pro basketball championship, the Golden State Warriors, obviously a fascinating study in terms of you know, a team that was in the N B a finals five straight years last year, a disaster but very well documented reasons for that disaster, But he expects him to be competitive again. You've got him at 6 to 1. I'm curious in the early or excuse me. You've got him. Yep. 6 to 1 in the early action that you've seen on next year's nb..

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