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Our guys welcome back to the show uh we are the sklar brothers we should mention that we have a movie about poop and it's in theaters right now yes i may not be there much longer so go see it if you're in atlanta it isn't in lanza randy what's the theater uh it is at the lemme cheque right now it's in atlanta it's in minneapolis sits in new york city kitties city in san francisco it's in la toronto and bet you've heard of this it's in cleveland i bet you've heard of this um movie theater in atlanta atlanta he ready the exit and the uh plaza theaters and the planned meter a really cool independent peter cleveland tower city chicago at facets uh la at the level santa monica new york city the village east kansas city the screen lantau medicaid uh san francisco the roxie peter minneapolis the e managing lake fill in detroit cinema detroit uh and it's available on demand it it got an eighty six on rotten tomatoes oh that's great oh look here's the deal like you we we don't push out there and say supporter knack shampoo were pushing this movie out this this is your chance if you listen to this podcast we've been doing this podcast for free forever we love doing it for free and advertisers or what pay for it and that's how we believe something like this should go out there to people but every once in a while we come forward and we ask you guys to turn around and support something that we've done because it will allow more independent art like this to be made so go on i tunes go on amazon do it right now uh and by the film and and watch it i guarantee it'll be seventy minutes sixty nine mirror von of pure here you'll laugh i haven't laughed at this hard you know it's a lot it's not just me randy obviously it's a lot of funding people but i haven't laughed this art and time at the movie so i think you guys will love it i truthfully have not left this hard since i watched the florida project okay.

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