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And so i've had to keep an checked it again tonight and i've put a cover over it like it's normally been but if i'm a little hot tonight it's it's the cat's fault but anyway that's that's what it's all about he you can visit the show and relied at live dot keet central dot com you can join our chat room keep news dot chat being in drop me an email really that's the easy way to stay connected with the show geek news at gmailcom and of course you can follow me on twitter at geek news you can join our slack channel her slack channel is is still alive and well you can follow me on google plus her on facebook just by searching for my name you can watch this show on the roku via the apple be of the tech podcast channel on the roku app or on the roku device was none apple tv listener watch at blueberry dot com or on stitcher of course she can use your smart home device whether it be an amazon echo google home device with the microsoft smart device all he had to do is your key word to launch those devices and asked the device to play the podcast geek news central that will get you started part shows include new better than average with jacob jeopardy gadget professor mr don bane the pro gears site by my great team a geek news central pit pro gear dot guru the new media show at new media show dot com in the podcast lead and show of course this show sponsored but believe it may be after tonight not the longest running continuous sponsor of a podcast and that's our good friends at at go daddy dot com.

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