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Three one zero one one they call it the attack of the believers. And what I mean by that is, there are so many people that believe in aliens in UFO, so many that are, you know, they go to these conferences, contact in the desert mcminnville, Roswell Roswell was coming up. You Afo congress alien con down the list of all these places people. Go to meet their UFO celebrities, George sucralose and others and. All of these people have a following. Every single one of different story to tell every single never different direction. They want to go with regard to. UFO disclosure. And while for years, I've been to these conferences. They say we're waiting for the moment where the government acknowledges UFO's that will be the day. And I remember I was there in two thousand seventeen and I said, twenty seventeen will be the year of confirmation from there. We may have disclosure. I did not know that in twenty seventeen viewer actually going to reveal the threat assessment the advanced threat assessment that the government was involved with the twenty two million dollars. We're gonna have all these people coming forward. So, yes, you hoes exist. The navy says the UFO's exist. We're trying to figure it out there being piloted by ETI. And so I went to contact in the desert this year, and people say, why don't you commentary on what happened contact? Well, here's some commentary for you. People are stymied. They're confused. They don't know what's going on. They don't know whether to call this disclosure, but they run to their own, you know, certain people he believe in, like David Wilcock, or good. They go to Steven grayer. They go to just go down the list of people that have their own following. And they pay all sorts of money to hear what they have to say and this year, they say, well, we got nothing. We got no meet with regard to disclosure. We've got nothing and there are other independent UFO investigators out there that are saying, well, it all came for the intelligence community. So it should be suspect. We shouldn't believe what they're saying. Well, okay. So who else would be delivering the message? Expecting? Who would you expect to deliver the message of UFO's intelligence ops? Now that doesn't mean what they're giving you is the full story of the full Monty, but they can in many ways deflect, and otherwise, you know they can distract that's obvious because that's what they do. But when the president of the United States, says that he has heard about UFO's. He's been briefed on UFO's. He's not necessarily believer, but he says, oh, we'll see here's Donald Trump speaking with George Stephanopoulos over the weekend, and the conversation led to a fringe topic. We disagree about that. We have a whole day to go on this before we go one of the things that have as presents the access to all the information in the world, all the mysteries out there. And I was struck in the last couple of weeks reading more and more reports of navy pilots seem.

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