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After a quick heads up about tomorrow's installment of cuffing season. They say you're only as young as you feel or as old as you feel and these days more people fifty and older feel like dating if you are over fifty. What's it been like courting flirting and dating these days? Leave us a voicemail. Eight five five two three six one a one a we'd love to hear from you. Whether you're looking for love discovering, a new relationship or dealing with the difficulties of romance. How has finding finding love in your senior years been going. Tell us your story. Eight five five two three six one a one a or you can use our app won a vox pop to send us a radio quality audio file and to keep up to date on future, topics. We'll share some of your stories tomorrow on one A. Back now to our conversation with of Wilkinson Dana Schwartz and Billy let me get to a few of your comments. Serena tweets, I'm a fan. I live for moonstruck. It's funny. It shows love from an older perspective with her parents and the protagonist this outside of the box. I also love mermaids the witches of Eastwick. Okay. This just turned into my love for share movies. But I do also love rom coms. John emailed the greatest rom com. Grosse Pointe blank. Along those lines Colton rights. Let's not forget dead pool is a rom com despite being completely different from most. And I would also add Dana Schwartz very dirty. If the Princess bride doesn't get to be a rom com. This deadpool get to be around calm. I don't think. So maybe I'm just a purist. Okay, fine. All right. I I don't wanna fall in that rabbit hole as much as I love deadpool. I will not fall in that rabbit hole. David emails, and maybe a Lissa looki-, and you can take on David's question. David emails before we get too much into more serious issues of social Justice and include seventy why are rom com. So entertaining from the taming of the shrew to ten things. I hate about you. It's modern version. We clearly loved them. Eliza. What would you say to David? Why are they so entertaining? I, you know, I think it's partly because they. This gets to be a dirty word, but they make us feel good, right? They end we feel good about the world. Like, there's possibilities around every corner. Good things can happen to us. They remind us of things that were really wonderful and pleasant to us when we were falling in love with someone. And they also kind of give hope if that went awry that there could be something in the future. So I think those are all great. But I think one big part of it too. Is that again, these are usually movies about pretty people having witty banter with one another, and that has been always something that's interesting to people to to watch and to experience and we can put ourselves in their shoes. And imagine ourselves being just as witty Billy with regards to the rom coms that keep coming up in conversation. Kelly tweets, especially this time of year. Don't forget love. Actually, my daughter is named or really after one of the characters. I watch it every year Samantha rights. I'd love to know the commentators opinions on love, actually, especially this time of year that movie tends to be one that people either love or love to hate. I am obsessed with it. Why do the commentators think this movie is so impactful do they like it? Or is it another throwaway Billy? What do you think? Well, my friend tests Morris agreed screenwriter who's written a good round com. Called man up. If you haven't seen it it's worth checking out we do about a podcast, which is coincidentally called you had us. Hello where we spent an hour on the love hate actually because he has become such a controversy. I think it has both things in it. I mean, there's definitely elements in that movie that are cringe-worthy all these younger women throwing themselves in older men and a lot of sexist stuff that is really disturbing throughout. But it also forgive me. But it has great jokes. It just has some really really funny stuff and some in a very fantastical way, Greg romantic moments, so much I loathe it. I have a love hate relationship with the Richard Curtis's worked there a love hate relationship. Yeah. Yeah. Because their scenes there that that are I comic, and that are wonderful. And there are things where you just want to throw something at the screen. All right. So Dana Elissa, I'm gonna confess I have never seen love, actually. What? Like. And this will be my last show good-bye everybody convince me why is this? Why is this something that I and others like me need to see every actor who's great base British. So that that's pretty fun to watch. And it also has Bill Nye, according a very awful Christmas song, which I think is high comedy. It is I would agree that it's a film that has a lot of elements that gets the only word for them is problematic, but they are also very romantic at the same time. So it's a little hard to to just push it away entirely. Dana. I agree that definitely there are elements that are sexist in the light of analyzing it, and and can be problematic. But overall, it's just a really fun movie. I will go to the end of the earth for Richard Curtis and his writing I love you almost every film. He's made and several television episodes, and as we said. It has every British actor and Laura Linney. So how can you not love it? Okay. I'll I'll give it a try. I'll give it a try. I should note, by the way, we did hear from some of you about what romantic comedies mean for you, including some of the messaging in them, some of the positive story lines that have affected you. Here's what one listener left in our inbox. Hi, my name is paid from Toledo, Ohio and the romantic comedy. Character us relate to is Kate winslet's character and holiday he starts out in that movie with very low self esteem. She's dating that desperate character who is dating someone else doing laundry he is neglecting her not a good relationship. But he starts to realize you get away from that. She gets into a better space. You meet a funny guy who has kind who treats her like the clean Shia. And I think a lot of people really to that you start out dating and you put up with a lot of crafts, and then you start to grow. You realize you're worth more. And hopefully, you need on trees. You like you are worth more. I hear that page. Thanks very much for calling in and sharing your story with us. Let's bring one more voice to the conversation. Again. Thank you so much for sharing all of your stories and thoughts you have not disappointed today in terms of your love of romantic comedies. Let's bring in one more voice if someone who works to bring these stories to us Christine Swanson is director producer and screenwriter. She's written about a half dozen films, including the romantic comedies all about you. And all about us right now. She is location scouting for her next project and joins us on the line Christine. Welcome to one A high traffic now, you're films predominantly feature casts of color, I presume that that something conscious a conscious decision when you're writing them and putting them together. They have been in the past. But I do have more range, but I'm always drawn to that, particularly because I think in terms of stories that deal with the universal theme of love. There are no color barriers. I'm always challenged to find stories that speak to the steam healing with people of color, maybe particularly because I am one. But also, they actually make a lot of money for you as a filmmaker. What is it about a romantic comedy that makes it really land? What are the key elements of a really good Ron com? Well, the basic premise of storytelling is the business of tapping into messy Boehner abilities. And what better way of tapping into the phone abilities to deal with the theme of love and typically, these these ideas are very universal in nature. So no matter the genre. You want universal theme. And you want to hit a nerve, and and sometimes you can have all of that integrate rom com. Is there something perhaps that you take away from the experience of directing producing writing romantic comedies? It's different from working on other genres, whether it's just the creative process or the way studios received them or anything within that. Well, we're looking at like this. I look at it as a great story. And then what universal about the comedy element of romantic comedies is the fact that life is definitely more interesting sometimes on screen when there's humor involved. It's no accident that I I was just telling someone that I think. Lala land is a romantic comedy. It's just been re imagined or contemporary audience using the music musical theater element as a backdrop, but by largest comedy all drawn towards the storytelling of two people. Trying to discover who they are in the backdrop of a love story we've been talking about representation in romantic comedies, one of our listeners. Michael wrote on our Facebook page love Simon while still a somewhat predictable ending expanded the John to new age group and to demographics not previously well represented, we know Christine that they are issues with romantic comedies and representation. That's come up in the conversation. That's far too straight SIS gender good-looking white people kind of hooking up in the rain. You're one of our producers asked if we could think of a you know, how many same sex romantic comedies? We could think of Debs was one of the very few. I wonder if you see that changing in terms of what studios want what gets produced. What gets funded what makes money at the box office with regards to representation. Absolutely. I think everyone is looking for the perfect combination. Or formula that's gonna put people in seats and increasingly stories dealing with reputation of various cultures class people at orientation or going to be more abundant because the audience is is showing that they want to see stories like that. Are you seeing Christine that it's more driven from the audience or from inside Hollywood? I'm sure that there's a need on both ends. But I don't know. I get the sensors someone who doesn't work in Hollywood that as audiences changes. The nation becomes more diverse studios are having to kind of react as opposed to people inside the studio system saying this is something we're gonna do. But that's my view from the outside. How do you see it from the inside? Why think this duties are thinking that they're reacting? So they'll try. Something to see if it sticks, and it's a sticks and makes a lot of money you'll see two more of those. So we will only know after the fact if it's just an idea that is timely and necessary in terms of the volume of people showing up wanting to see it. But I do think inside the studio system they are trying to find something that will split. Stick knows what we're until after it worked besides the temple movies that are very lake in nature and guaranteed a certain box office return, but with smaller more intimate stories they're becoming few and far between because of the level of competition across all platforms. So now, it's specific in terms of rom com in this current a storytelling. It's really about. How could we imagine it in such a way that newer, fresher? And and more interesting for a band of people who. Have so many avenues of stories coming at them. We are speaking to filmmaker Christine Swanson who wrote and directed all about you and all about us alongside Elissa Wilkinson of vox, and the King's College data Schwartz adventure treatment weekly and Billy murder of Universal Pictures data. I know our time is short, but give us a sense of this resurgence in rom coms, where do you see this supposed resurgence going from here? I hope that it continues to to open up the doors of romantic comedies to tell more diverse stories the story like love Simon which is a a same sex relationship or even a net. Flex a little more under the radar. There is one called Alex Strangelove, which is also the same sex, romantic comedy and also stories with more diverse cats. I think not only is America getting more diverse, but people want to see diverse stories people wanna see themselves represented unscreened, and then people want to see other unique experiences on screen. So I hope crazy rotations start to trend. If showing that you don't have to look exactly like the people onscreen to relate to them into be enthralled by their world in their story. We also heard from some of you who are writers, including Theresa who tweeted, I always scoffed at the tropes of rom coms, then I was hit with the thought of two prickly. Male novelists thrown together on a project and surprise. Is falling in love over four hundred pages later. I cannot believe I have written a rom com lesson. Don't judge an idea by its cover? Paul emailed. Are you all too young to know the best rom com of all time, Billy Wilders the apartment. No, paul. I am not too young. Because blockbuster was thing back in the days. I remember seeing the apartment, but I am curious by way of Paul's challenge. What you do consider to be the best romantic comedy of all time Christine Swanson, I wonder by way of winding down if I could start with you. If there's one you think is the best, particularly if it influenced you as a filmmaker broadcast news and the broadcast news and Tootsie to my favorites. Why those two just classic storytelling that that despise the John. Right. So it's it's an each story deals with taking the ordinary into extrordinary create a memorable experie-. Now. That's a great drama. That's great rom com. That's a great sci-fi. It's very universal nature. Danish schwartz. What about you best romantic comedy of all time? And why oh God don't make me say just one one. Well, she actually Christine got too. So maybe you can give you. All right. Well, I'm a sucker for Shakespeare in love just as like an English Leonard. But I would say the best comedy of all time is you've got now was that universal story amazing writing just clever dialogue, great chemistry between the actors and genuine heart..

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