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Has to do with that but I think Ren from a butterfly wings photography said I miss sitting on the floor drunk and making we're dice games with my friends and complementing other people's 'cause plays as they walk by Yeah? And I have to say hard agree on that one and it relates to the connectivity because one of the best things one of the most affirming things that I I, love doing it cons just walking around and realizing it's okay to just randomly compliment someone's house play you you know either ask complimenting in taking a picture we're just commenting them and saying, Hey, I don't know who you're playing or maybe I do but you're cosby's Rad and you can tell you worked really hard on a great job and it's It's it's a win win. Yeah everybody involved. Yeah. You feel good because you're you know making somebody else happy him. They feel good because he made him happy excludes quick one offs that really are just confidence boosters that I think people have been lacking for a minute just without cons in general. Yeah. I remember seeing post that inspired me to ask that question There was a mean that's been going around the Catholic community of like people missing that like nine am at the continental breakfast where like one of your party members is like half in 'cause play and you're like sneaking back food to the rooms and one of your other caused remains, and then the other half are the people in the Sarim that are being snuck muffins that. Mak correct phrasing. But that's okay. I thought you were going to say the other half of the people at the continental breakfast are people who are just staying at the hotel didn't ask for any of this. I Miss, I miss Friday's of on where you're just running into all the business people they're. Just watching them be it's also funnier depending on which costlier wearing at the time I. Think one of the funniest was last year when we were doing mysterious and on on that Friday morning I'm trying to think of other examples of just that. Dynamic but on the subject of continental breakfast at Kearns, another response that I liked to that I prompt was From a commentary named amber likes the Sunday. Mornings at the hotel likening it to the to the sweet sweet afterglow and I think accurate I relate to that I think for me there's more. There's I think partial better like a bitterness of like, oh man. The COD is like over now almost and also there's the. Man I think I drink too much last night. It was or I drank too much last four days or yeah. You know I haven't slept. It's the culmination of those four days of like okay. This is this is the day where I have to stop. I have to reset my body so that I can work in the morning or if you're smart worked two days from now because you took the day after the con- off like a smart person which after i. After I left school, I had to start doing. which I'm both proud of myself for being able to do by at the same time It makes me feel like more like physically like not able to keep up. Yeah. But also maybe just for four days in a row, like isn't a good idea in general who knows I don't know. That's. Up for debate. The jury's out on. Out. I think to wrap up that I prompt of the specific things you miss about cons Autumn from Space Princess 'cause play says oddly enough. I missed the orange body. Paint. Frequently with Star Fire. So yeah, I think Sean How would you answer that? Oddly specific thing you miss about conventions in oddly specific thing I. Miss About Conventions. I think it's having all of my like. Make up materials at cereals and things like that and just random things thrown by like the bathroom like hotel configuration in these like that because it's the slow process of just like. That with like your cotton swabs, all of your makeup if you have like a drink and you leave it there and just like seeing that build up slowly over the weekend and then you have to clean it all up. That's Some people miss. You know social aspects. I, Miss Making a mess. Trucks. I think the thing that I miss the oddly specific thing that I miss it is. I guess for me it's not odd but it's inhabiting Pam. I do I really miss that because I almost always brought a pam convention for the last two and half years three years I think there were. Almost no convention that I didn't bring Pam to but I I brought him to almost every convention and just the freedom of inhabiting Pam and just. Getting to be that character and act like however the hell I wanted like in that character. You can. It's freeing. You've yeah. I can say things I can tell ranchos to fuck off and flip them off and they'll be like this boots up Pam. act like. Like leave the. Dick nuts suck it and they just like laugh and walk away great Dave seen me do it someone was taking a picture without permission and I was like They were like Oba. Yes so. I flipped off a really I remember specifically one time at Yoma Con. There was a really kind of Dushi. All might cause player who is walking around and I just flipped him off and he was like. Pam and asked like Nice I got away with that. So He He Acknowledged my power anyways. So I missed that and I also miss I weirdly missed that there was one. My first weekend as Pam ever at motorcity. Comic Con. was the first time but not the last that I experienced going entire afternoon at. Akon. Only. Subsiding on cough drops and whipped cream and maybe some water. And I weirdly miss that sort of like sugar rush sugar rushing around the day, and then you actually like eat like. A cookbook worst food right raving but it's just tastes so amazing. So yeah. So I, must that Ya it's nice when you have like the one cost play like. I don't WanNa say crutch because I think. weirdly negative kind of sation. But like when you have that one 'cause play like Hook that you keep coming back to you and being able to inhabit I, think for me. It's like I have a couple but I don't like like super strong one like Y-, you do So so that's that Super Nice and I I definitely understand. I. Mobile APP I understand missing that for sure. Let's see. Let's look at the second prompt the second prompt was. Tell us about a 'cause play skill that you picked up.

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