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And you saying that, those are like the blue magoo. If that's legit, that's one of my favorites, and then you said the wonder. Was working with, but it was one of those main, you know, it was one of the main, I think it was European firms that, through the late 90s, early 2000s pumped out all the heat. Who else was with them? I forget his name, the jinx proof was with them. I think sub cool was with them. I don't remember the name of the company. I am out of that loop. It was a DNA or something, I don't know. But so yeah, they had the California too. I mean, so they had the plug on a lot of those really killer cuts. Williams wonder and shit. You have to pardon me too. I'm getting a little sniffly because I have had this cold for a week, man. It's ridiculous. Yeah, I hope it's not COVID. I really do. I have not been out. It's been my thing. The congestion. Yeah. But I don't know why it was going on with my button. So I gave up and quit everything. Yeah, it's me too. And I'm an old dude, right? I just turned 46 about, I don't know, four or 5 days ago. I don't happy birthday. You're not that old. Man. Oh yeah, well, you've done a lot more than me. I've only smoked all the weed you've made all the weed. All right. So now I know this. I know this answer, I think, but one of the questions here was, do you smoke more flour or concentrate? I'm gonna probably say flour for you, you don't really smoke any. I don't smell concentrate because the concentrate that I like are really hard to produce and they cost a decent chunk of money. So I won't smoke chemical concentrates. I just, it's never pickled my fancy. It did for a brief period of time when I was, you know, into consuming large amounts, and I didn't have to pay for it, but that didn't last very long. And the reason didn't last very long for me is a fucking shift too harsh, man. I don't like coffee like that. So this is within a couple of months of experimenting with the concentrates where I said this product isn't for me, but I've never lost the case for the fresh frozen bubble hash or the ice wax. I mean, that shit's right at my alley. It's just, it's expensive and it's hard to make. Do you ever have anybody make your personally, you got a personal connect or something that you can. So I think it's dragon lab is all he goes by on Instagram. I think that there was another part to that. Double check on Instagram here. Give a shout out to yeah, it's just drag map. It's underscored dragon lab. He's what I consider my hash guru. He makes fresh frozen and he processes it himself, and then he squeezes it into ros and everything. I'll make all the other concentrates, but I just ask him to just stop right there at the bubble and give me that and he doesn't do it last year where I kicked him of some plants for to work with and then he kicked me back the hash. And I worked that great. Yeah, and you know it's amazing because when you can get cooperation like that because that's a lot of work, man. It's a lot of work. Yeah, you know, again in a shout out to him for putting in the elbow grease. I like to say and I love to say this right now is that the secret to making good hash is elbow grease and it's the reason that most people can't figure it out everyone wants to think there's a secret ingredient or people are doing the secret process. It's fucking elbow grease. You break your back making this shit, but you can tell in the finished product and this dragon label he's got his passion worked out there. It's so true, man. It's just you can't cut corners. You just can't cut corner. It's like making a good or bad. It's like making a good wine or a good liqueur or a good cure on a cannabis. You got to do it right. And it takes time and effort. Let me ask you this. What strain do you prefer in concentrate form that you grow? Another good question. I haven't had a chance to concentrate those strain yet, but I know that this is the one that I want. I tried to get the dragon lab to work with this one last year and he said, oh, you know, maybe next year is that what you wanted to do though at four blueberries this year. But so it's a sack of candy. And that's the candy land cross with sacagawea. That will make some concentrate that plant hasn't been released yet. It's one or two people got it, and they didn't run with it. I don't know what happened, but so nobody's really had a chance to try this yet, but I already know that the concentrate that come off of that plant will win cups across the country across the parking globe. Yes, yes. Is it going to happen? I'm not sure. I don't know. I have to eat stock of it. I had somebody approach me recently asking for something along those lines and I got sick, but I just, we had a thing lined up to meet up and it just didn't work out. I am leery to let that plant go without the confidence of knowing that I'm going to at least get back and return what I want for it. Which at a bare minimum is 20 grams of concentrate a year for the next 5 years. I just haven't really met that person yet where I'm like, look, I know this is a special plant. And so I put some work into not only making it, but keeping the mother alive. And so in order to pass it off to you, I need something in return. And we always get to that point, and then I tell them what I want to return and it's kind of falls apart from there, so it's like, okay, keep it myself, I guess. I guess I just got to do it myself. Maybe, maybe, but you know, it's one of those things that there's so many things that I've seen over time that no one believed in it, and then the person that did just went crazy with it. So true. You just got to find the right person with the right faith. But it's worth it. I would not ever settle for less. That's for sure. Do you know a love light air water rocks? No, not off the top of my head. The someone who follows you, love light air water rocks. What is the difference? Or is there any difference in D-Day shorts, blueberry, and Dutch passions, blueberry? All right, so I got a little bit, you know, it was a mouthful there. So you asked if I know a person named love. Yes. Light. And then that person asked the question, is what's the difference between Dutch basin and GJ blueberry? Yes, sir. Okay, so the difference between Dutch passions blueberry and DJ's blueberry is just the selected mothers. Both of the mothers came from the exact same branch of DJ's back stock. I don't know the reference, but in our work, when my work and my closet is just referred to as the F four blueberry boy and F four blueberry mother. If I'm not mistaken, Dutch passions, blueberry mothers came from the exact same seeds that the plants that I have come from, they were just they had different characteristic traits and the different characteristic traits my impression is that the Dutch passion. I'm not sure I think that's passions might have used more than one male. I'm not certain, but my understanding is that the Dutch passion selections leaned more towards the sulfur kush, Williams wonder pre 98 terpenes, DJ selections made more towards the blueberry sweet cart candy floral selection. Okay. Okay. And that is two different

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