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The day's. Top stories House. Republicans today are introducing articles of impeachment against deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein the group of conservatives blamed him for not responding to demands for documents about the Russia investigation. And the investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private E mail server the White House correspondent sociation is condemning the White House for barring a CNN reporter from a rose garden event w. h. president Oliver knock says it said it's wholly inappropriate for the White House to retaliate against CNN's Caitlyn. College for shouting questions at the president during an Oval Office appearance today and I personally made clear to. The Russia's that will be, severe consequences for, interference in, our democratic processes in a Senate hearing today secretary of state Mike Pompeo. Telling members of the foreign relations committee that he personally warned, Russia's president there would. Be consequences for any further meddling in US, elections Andy Reid refuted the notion that the trump administration has been weak on russia tennessee republican bob corker said lawmakers need a clear picture of the administration's foreign policy you come before a group of senators today who are filled with serious doubts about this white house and its conduct of american foreign policy joining us on the komo news line is a._b._c.'s meghan hughes and megan pompeo was grilled on what happened behind those doors in that controversial putin summit but what did he actually reveal he really tried to pivot away from giving any details about the conversation itself and instead pivoting to where u._s. policy stance and we've seen this over and over again today i senator menendez asking him did the president tell putin that he would relax sanctions pompeo saying you asked me about u._s. policy i can tell you changes senator shaheen saying that we're we're seeing daily attest by the kremlin to take advantage of this this concerns me we don't know what happened behind closed doors we heard from pompeo u._s. policy hasn't changed when it comes to u._s. presence In Syria despite what. You may be hearing from the Russian foreign ministry and Russian price and you. Can hear the frustration really on both sides of the aisle, you mentioned, Senator Bob, Menendez, of New Jersey he said it's tough to get the. Secretary of state to tell anybody what went on during the summit but seems to have taken a three ring circus of a debacle of. A meeting with President Putin and a reality TV, summit that, was little more than a photo op with a brutal dictator one hearing with the secretary. Of state he's not the only? One who is upset now but you know what I've been watching carefully here to read the tea leaves specifically when it. Comes to Republican senators because there was a lot of outrage right after the, summit particularly the president seeming to equivocate between our intelligence, and Putin, and seeming to defer to Putin. When it came to two thousand sixteen election interference of, course the president later walking that back but listening to the Republicans. Now you did. Hear outrage from corker keep in mind Senator. Corker the chairman of this committee is not running for reelection and has been A regular critic of the Trump administration but then we heard from Senator rand Paul essentially praising the president for having this meeting and? You had Senator Rubio applauding the administration for the other things that they're. Doing to be tough on Russia and essentially. Asking for a sign off on a Bill that he's working on and lawmakers were trying to find out, today what's going on with North Korea what kind of developments and are they making advancements still in their nuclear program and Pompeo did say they're still making fissile material but then he just told. Them all that he needed a different. Setting to talk about this that's right and we've, heard that question and answer over and over again today as well as secretary Pompeo saying that these are complicated negotiations he doesn't want to negotiate in the Washington Post and the, New York Times so he's giving just a blanket prohibition on heading down the path of answering now lawmakers have countered very important that we know. Whether or, not progress is being made do, we have any kind of. Timeline and secretary Pompeo again dodging that. As well from your perspective. Megan what would you say was the most interesting moment of the hearing right out of the gates i think seeing senator corker it was very clear that he came here to unburden himself i think that's at one tone and then it kind of went a different direction i will say there was a lot of collegiality that we've seen today of course secretary pompeo a longtime member of congress so i think it's been a lot friendlier than i anticipated given some of the responses that we got coming out of that helsinki summit last week a._b._c.'s meghan hughes thank you megan thank you Andy five. Twenty time. For your propel insurance? Money update in Facebook stock. Dropping, get this twenty four percent today coming? In shy of earnings expectations this could lead to a very rough day tomorrow in the. Tech sector the Dow today though very good up one hundred seventy two points closing. At twenty five thousand four hundred and seventeen oh by the way did. You hear, somebody one that Powerball or excuse me. The mega millions lottery ticket last night's drawing five hundred forty three dollars that winner or winners will have the option three million what did I say five hundred forty. Three dollars. Oh, did I Billion dude That's not nearly. As exciting so The option to take a three hundred and. Twenty point five million dollar lumps it was sold at a Ernie's. Liquors in San Jose about. That If we started doing news on five hundred dollar lotteries. We have too many slow news days five twenty one,.

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