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I still have a battlefield two somewhere yeah never actually played that i'm sure there are websites on the internet where you can find the like i so file for and on cracked battlefield too in other news the invidia gt x ten seven eti looks to be taking the fight thank you are technica two rx vega 56 at four hundred and fifty bucks specs of this thing actually looked for a twenty four thirty two could of course eight gigs of gdr fives the cheaper gdr five ninety five x two hundred fifty six gabites like memory van with okay cool and it is yes over o'clock 'cable so you will see customdesigned coming from partners like a sousse so yeah the the rumor as i i'm happy we very clearly pointed out as being a rumor of yes being not over cordoba was not true yep that was made very clear in a press release yep there's some funky stuff going on though from source ryan show ryan science throats here's lars larson told us virpi perspective sorry man yeah ryan shrout there there's some funky stuff going on apparently partners are not allowed to been their gpus but off the record some board partners assured that they will be bidding gpus so that's going to be interesting the other rumor is that partner kearns will not be over clocked out of the box so be up to the end user to over klokot so what this looks like to me is invidia making if all this is true is invidia making an effort to avoid cannibalising ten eighty i guess because this this cards spans being able to overcome of laura i forget that like this things got five hundred more kuta course than the gtech cents on is much much fatter gpu drastically to thick you know thick the kids say rate teach icc yet ninety do they spell it or does is it just implied thick no they say thick but if you're typing it out like through yes messages of these tjc c k y.

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