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So NASA gets a chance to see if this whole working with private companies thing can really work. What's on the line for SPACEX? Well this is a huge deal for space because the reason that space was created was to put people on Mars so launching humans has been part of their gold is entire time. But it's definitely been a long road to get here. I mean they had quite a few explosions when they were trying to launch rockets but eventually they got technology to work they had NASA invest in them and then They were able to send cargo to the International Space Station through NASA. And so now. They've taken their cargo vehicle called the dragon and have upgraded it into notice the crew dragon and they've had to do a ton of testing for this program in order to convince NASA that it's time to put astronauts on these vehicles and then they've also had their fair share of hiccups to look year a test. Version of the crew dragon exploded during a ground test that really sent shockwaves through both the space community and NASA but they were able to overcome those and now. They're the cusp of actually putting humans on these vehicles. I hate to ask but if a bad outcome does happen here. What kind of setback is that? GonNa mean for NASA FOR SPACEX. It's going to be very tragic day for sure. And it's something I don't really want to think about and it's going to create a lot of questions of whether or not this way of doing business was right or successful. I don't know if that means that NASA will stop pursuing these kinds of programs. But it certainly will be access central question for a lot of people if that were to happen and it will be a really bad day assuming this is successful though. I mean I remember when The former chief scientist of NASA Allen Fan came on our show maybe about a year ago you know she was talking about how NASA only really go as far as public. Funding can take it. Nasa is actually about zero point four percent of the US federal budget. So I do hear people sometimes saying Oh. I don't know if we can make it to Mars and fifteen or twenty years. You're like we could go and five if we really tried and spent the money so if this is successful could it mean that we might actually get to that original mission of space x where they're sending people to Mars or private citizens on really expensive ticket to space. I mean I think this is obviously the crucial first step for that to happen whether or not you and I are going to be able to afford tickets to space. You know. That's still an open question right now. It's still tens of millions of dollars to ride on one of these vehicles. So sure SPACEX has been able to bring the cost down but it hasn't been able to bring the cost down in a way that makes it more accessible and is able to sustain a burgeoning market of space tourism. That's something that we're gonNA find out. In the years ahead and SPACEX survive long enough to get to that point where they can start regularly sending people the space. I think they're going to keep going no matter what but let's remember that the reason that space x was founded was to put people on. Mars that that is what Elon. Musk has been saying from day. One and I don't think a lot of people realize that SPACEX has launched anybody at I think a lot of people underestimate just what it takes to send a human and not a robot into space. We have a lot of needs that need to be met. We need life support systems. We need food to eat. We need a place. Go to the bathroom. There are a lot of things that need to be engineered to keep us alive in space because we are to stop meant to be there so I think once space x finally has the experience of what it takes to keep people alive in space that is going to be super valuable experience for them and inform the rest of their vehicle. Designs moving forward. 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