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Org's Well, let's find out what is or what is not happening up in the Eureka neighborhood of Northwestern California with Kenny Priest. He's with us now, I guess. So you're still fishing for the jack salmon? We are much the only game in town here. There's a lot of fish in the river. But right now you could only keep Jax now. Now when the, uh we got a notice. Last week. I think it was that was like two weeks in a row are the same situation. You and I talk on Saturday morning, and then after the programme, I get a release that the river is closed. Like first of all was the spit was closed down below Highway 101 on Monday. And now this last week. How the river met its quota, and it closed at midnight on Monday. But you were on the river Monday where you could still fish it for adults. And what a coincidence. The river closes that night, and you got a new run of big fish. Yeah, if you know, finding, you know, And on top of that, you know, not only was there a fish that everyone else on the water Goldwater. So what That means is, you know there's work is coming, and it just kind of all happened at a bad time. Fisher coming cold waters coming and then now you can't keep adults. Now that's a little late for new runs of fall run fish to come into the river, isn't it? I guess so. You know, it seemed like you were late this year. No, he did not come up in big numbers in that warm water, but senior fires, but everything else started cool down. That's the door to have fish case they will definitely this year. Now there was also you had you didn't see were the department official wildlife You didn't felt feel that they they did a very good job. Stand on top of the Count's What was that all about? Well, just, you know, it was a very small quota. So you're talking 194 Fish fit and 648 fish on the toad from which affect down that's not very big. So you know the calendar. You know what I what? I thought, you know they were at the boat ramp every day for the majority of the folks. Tell me back too. So I think we need to smoke. A little like that, in every matter seems like more on it, but I didn't. I didn't feel like they were. No. They were counting a lot of the fifties. You know how they data? I don't know how they do it, but it seems like you no more on it and, you know, counting over Found that a little bit learning. Well, it is especially because this was projected to be ah, very low numbered salmon season on the clam with the, uh, doing the count is part of the protection. I mean, come on. I mean, the Klamath. We used to get 180,000 fish upto the hatchery or, you know just incredible. We're talking about 600 fish we can catch In 45 miles of River. And they don't do any better job than that. That's that's Ah, that doesn't look good to me. If it doesn't And this is one of years while they could've really counting everything that you know that right? I mean, they should have folks at all places. And, you know, I think I think I think you missed that. Missed the boat on that. You know where we did go over the code, you know? Predictably, when 127.

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