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The children of lake knowing or unknown. If we're in memory we you full of mine for my finally. Our voice has been cura. I'm sharon break. Kelly and is leoni mcenroe. She is one of the children of lake alice. Who has told his story at the royal commission until abuse in care more than forty years. After the unit closed they are stories of abuse electric shock treatment and painful drugs and a warning. Some details may upset listeners. Just note my inglewood's more mo- volun-. I hated cry cry but because the math god well and he turns it back on the game and it goes on or whatever to knocked out. That's when it stops but it's just like being hit by speech amount. I say to the commission plastic charles. Brian but voltage child up just about break cubans and expecting their all. Have a normal on pump the woods. It's not gonna happen. He could see black. Zigzag is going through your heat. Same as seeking in the dude runs soon excruciating pain. He just want complaints about the treatment of more than three hundred. Young people in the child and adolescent unit of the psychiatric hospital near fung annoy emerged in the nineteen seventies when it was still open and winton for decades but no one was held to account to police was to apologize to like l. survivors for these filings. State failed them during time at lake. Callous and failing to predict the from what can only be described as torture at the hands of dr selwyn. Leaks and other like ellis stuff. If it was today there is no way. Dr lakes would be practicing. Job is to protect the public. We're not there to protect doctors today on the detail. I talked to ariz. Inside reporter andrew. Mccrae he has been at every day of the hearings every morning. There's a cut akia team karakia. Please stay for the opening prayer and song and a water. Which i think. Just.

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