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But you can't women's they're just so fucking dominant like it's crazy say just they've been ridiculous towed not like i haven't followed every like second of their games but just to watch what the oriental has done they're just hop larry asli dominant i read article about him he still insanely miserable as i am gino auriemma sustained dominance for years and he's just not happy with any of it i think we should get by eight gino yeah i've heard about his practices like they haven't lost in like three years and if you like mess up like a three woman we've like he'll just like throw chair awhile i really like during the sue bird swin cash they had a bad practice he wouldn't come out from under the rafters gm your sixty to come out like when nineteen year old girls and your sixty one year old like get out from under there have some sense he just keeps like a pile of sand that he buries his head in like an ostrich anytime thing sunk oh well gina's bring out the sand pout damn straight i am i don't get up and transition you know what my hand goes in the sand and he doesn't like kneel down either like full stand plows his head coach based on the sideline what was what are you watching riff hidden san you you hear a whistle from a distance but it's just because it's being buried by sand you can barely hear it.

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