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Noncatholics instead of negotiating fairly or or having conversations that are honest there's a lot of the seat coming out of the vatican right now i'm sorry to say tell me about his relationship with putin and russia because it's that is for anybody who knows anything about you know the miracle of fatima that's what that was really all about was the dangers of russia and especially you're in this time period and he seems to be getting into bed with russia and putin again it's it's interesting that you would bring up fatima because that's that's a lot of this that's happening right now was predicted in those very famous apparitions as a public miracle and so forth back in the early nineteenth and early twentieth century the talked about a great crisis in the church and wars and so forth in the world is we're seeing and so the situation with russia right now is different it's difficult to quite see what he's doing i think that i think that france's big concern is keeping this sort of european union and maybe not this onto conspiratorial but sort of the nascent stages of this socalled new world order i think he's very interested in keeping that alive and viable which is very again very surprising to faithful catholics but his issues his position with russia to me seems a little unclear i'm not sure if you mean some of these things that he's doing the show or if it's more of a case he wants to placate russia so that russia will play games play the game with the george soros world without borders european union game plan again difficult to say but certainly unprecedented from polk to hear some of the things that we're hearing putin is absolutely against the i mean he is he's spending money to stop the european union he is stirring up unrest all throughout europe he does not want a strong united europe by any stretch of the imagination so right where would the i've don't understand i think maybe i'm stumbling into what you're you're feeling every day is a catholic glenn it's it's it's really again this is heartbreaking as a faithful catholic i love the catholic church i believe it's the true church of jesus christ but this is heartbreaking you don't get clarity we've never had a pope like this.

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