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I got a question if they don't if they do very quiet, and I highly doubt it, but it's possible that they don't win the guys we're talking about. They don't land a big name or a big key player in the offseason. Will you say that's a big hit on the regular season hopes or their civil hopes that is. I mean, I don't think they have to go crazy. But it would just be really nice for them to get some big purse. But like, no they don't have to. I mean, they could still what if they draft like a d end or something like that in the first round. And then they sign like a pretty decent receiver in free agency. Then I think they could even be better we have to remember the colts were one of the best teams at the second half of the season. They've lost like one game in the last ten add to. Add one more equal to math everybody. So. Yeah, I really like what the culture doing. I would say of all the teams that lost in the playoffs. They have the best chance of even getting a lot better next year, not just maintaining but getting better. It was not too long ago that we were using this team as the butt of all jokes. Now, they're the face. The face of the joke. I guess like they're on the opposite side of the but. Got it. Yeah. That's right. Good. Who are next? We should do NFC team. Let's was Cowboys. They got in very I think they got lucky because if Alex Smith doesn't break his leg and every single place imaginable in the Redskins. Keep continuing play how they were playing. They would have been in the playoffs and NFC's champions rather than Dallas being in. Sees Cowboys have some interesting decisions to make because as it stands right now. They have fifty million dollars in Couchbase problem is. They haven't number of players that are on the last year there deal Dak Prescott Ezekiel Elliott. In Amari Cooper, all three will go into this off season on the last year there deal. So you have to figure there's even reports yesterday before the game or sorry Saturday before the game that Zeke Elliott's agent was already pushing the Cowboys to have an extension this off season to get him paid now, which I think sounds likely to happen. You gotta think with Amari Cooper is he Elliot and deck Preska if they were to re-sign all three of those players that's probably gonna eat about seventy to seventy five million dollars a season. It's are heard for sure to get hurt. The can't really go crazy this off season because so they have to do everything with that in mind that they still need to spend a ton of money. I wouldn't be surprised if they use all their money to keep their guys this year to free up maybe a little bit next year if they wanted if they had to get rid of one player Cooper, I guess I know the answer. This Cooper Dak or Zeke. Who would I mean? I don't think there. Going to give up any of them. I would be shocked if all three I'll tell you right now, they're not giving up Cooper. They just gave up a first round pick balled out. He bawled out. He did as equal Elliot. He's not hitting free agency deck Prescott. No matter what your feelings are..

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