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Well come to the you are listening to Sifi Talk. My name is Anthony. Man and I am the director and LEAD IN THE NEW PRODUCTION TERROR DRACULA DELIGHTED TO GET that right here. On site high tax return to his universal soldier role re-generation this not only featured a return but working again with Jean Claude van Damme and then in another film reuniting with his rocky for Co Star. Here's a vintage conversation with Duff. Lumbering it was a great to To see you John Clawed back again thank you. What was it like to You had your seeing together. What was it like to do that? Scene and and to revisit those same parts again. All these years later yeah. It was a bit bizarre strange because I'm sequels before so you know to play this character again so kind of Like flashback you know 'cause Y- rehearsing it myself. You know this rehearsing roll. It wasn't a big of a role but sort some of this stuff and But UNSEE show up on the set and you see you know it means you're Claude in the year and and then you start getting flashbacks to to the first picture. So and get your perspective on your own career and your life really and then How quickly things go have this comp about point did they contact you kind of thing? Yeah they did actually Contract RUDE I turn it down first few times because I like script and I didn't go to seek well wasn't too excited about it but you know when John Haimes came on. He has some good ideas for the characters. Might Care for the script in with the volcanoes filmmaker. So knew he was gonNA work to it and And the points. I even had another show muggers direct thing and I this film films record myself and I had a Another commitment for another film to learn the movie I decided to do it and You Know Mel retrospect. There is a good decision. I think I should have would have been in it a little more. But they don't have time. Savina loggers turn good. Well you know about the way. The mythology works for this series Thinking always taken always bring you back. Yeah no shit if I survived that they're doing mench me. Then there's this. This last rule have injury the repair quickly. Oh yeah they can they can make another one of you so I don't think it'd be a problem. And what was it like you know doing the physical stuff with John Claude? In that one scene you guys had this rate vintage. Drag-out fight their her. Yeah it was. It was fun Grogan older so you get more bang You don't hear sheriff's As you know years ago but I'm always in pretty good shape so it wasn't really history was more difficult than it was back then. It was pretty long flight. Took about five days a lot. I but I enjoyed it and it was hard work was in. He's a smart coasters. Movie fights yes very ideas and incidents and Also the fact that you find the real her as these days times you funding available. What was neat about Scott? This time around was the fact that he was kind of really giving the soldiers voice and asking you know about why am I here. What is my existence kind of thing and I really like that? You know wish that could have been explored little more but I did like that part of it in the movie that your character adding year of to again. There's some depth deb staring not character in John's writing and I'm sure he'll so wishes show because it's an interesting dilemma in his. You'll Franks I missed you. Know where you create something and the creation shows the creator sympathizing with the monster a little bit because real feel like rated and you know not all in control and and it's also that of a voice against technology ships alive by logical like Or is it was an interesting? Take so jerk resolve the top. He's I caught in the way. This guy was much more internal so it was like this. I like that this time around. What was it like shooting? I know they had found. You went to Bulgaria shot in this abandoned power plant or actually a steel What was that like? The the set itself was almost like a character in the film. Yeah the was Was Low screen. The movie obviously uncomfortable their action. Movies is always how you'll shoot that. Look nations hot or cold or let the ZAM for dangerous. No exceptions Burger Colder. The lower shot that the indoors. This cold cold outside because you know fact fans and dangers. Lisa's Oh hang in. Steel and concrete everywhere. So yeah the nails of your grits and you. You know you're parents to get into character. 'cause you feel it right there and it was like an all those corner their place so. I really enjoyed them. That was a good choice of Jobs more regime. Puff why would I think you would people watching the DVD like is a kind of like these two new introductions and Mike Pyle who I thought did a great job in his part And and there's you know possibly for him to be more. If there's another movie and Andre Orlovsky also was Was pretty fantastic as the really one of the main antagonists in the film so to some two new newcomer were pretty good to watch angry. Yes like a great job. He's a hardworking guy. Is Of course very formidable looking in? Yeah I'm sure we can have been what was also unique was Was the fact that actually I had actually met Peter imes Because he directed another film. I covered years ago and I was surprised at his son. Peter was is John was directing film. what was it like? I mean Peter was the photography which he did on all his films. That never did it for anybody else. And John was directing what was their like their give and take on the set and Kinda watching them were working. What was that like for you roll? It was it was it was very cool to see bothering son on the seven. Gene or and specially son was in charge bothers. You know respectful and He's his job. Obviously being a very Talented director himself very experienced. He you know there was no fighting arguing. It was it was. It was great seeing that they were very very respectable each other so I was in crashed so the DVD also did commentary as well with with John What was that like for you? Fun Refund Moon Watching some watch the other I've never done this before. Public hearing Like aren't working together and talk about this aspect of it and the earnings rather and I learned a lot of things I know because I I was over there at the time though I think of What how how they involved in cool one of the things that's been cool about your career recently is that you've been in a directing your own films as well as starring in them and you know. I kinda came into that by I talked to composer of Your Film Missionary Man Ilias similar out and he was talking about that film how he was impressed by what you had done kind of time. What led you into going into that part of your career directing your your own. Well average uses carino federalism's and everything seems to happen by shared. So though I mean it all started because somebody said you know and making and Kalani guy and then somebody said all because the model makes the money is that then some of his movies movies so I started losing a little bit of acting then before I know it I got cash. Stallone Writing Movie Boxing Picture. Where there's a big blonde rushing guy. You know as a heavy in of course you didn't know existed but I ended up getting a role and then then making a bunch of movies are always like writing and you know I kind of thought of you know directing go to enrich finish that myself but all at once assure us a golden director directing and then I recommend me over which he did but anyway you know I said yes and suddenly. I'm directing movies and when you direct you start writing. Because she just be right except for when I started writing. Yeah man prolong things for another. You know crazy character. Crazy Swede this time Russian rentals. Get them just Bledel plans and much had. I'm just GONNA take it as a come. I liked acting. It's it's very of its Very stimulating and you learn a lot and it's certainly You know more. There's much more responsibility. I think having being an actor and I like that everything now. The the expendable is Stallone pretty much phone you up and said would you like to do it.

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