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As i mentioned before consistent with that. We are very aggressively pursuing that. We think it's a huge opportunity for designation ran for fan base and it's unique This is the first time league is ever done anything like this and giving us the opportunity to bid on these compete for them. So we're putting our best foot forward I will tell you that our aggressiveness will be. We're going to go after multiple markets internationally and we'll know hopefully about fourth quarter of this year where we land get kicked off next year. We are aggressively pursuing that opportunity over the last demand mcmullan goodman mark so it's red friday today curious. What today means the organization and house today going so far. Yeah red friday. I think one of the best examples of lamar's commitment to being an active participant in this community as you know as employees one of the things we talk about with our employees and our team is the responsibility of art. Played an active part in this community. And when you think about red friday where it started lar- jack steadman. Others the idea of creating about the beginning of the season and celebrating that turn into a platform that we can utilize so our fans can celebrate the beginning of the season and raise money to impact people in need locally As many of you know last year that created a million dollars in one day a couple of days that went right to ramadan house here in kansas city. So it exciting for us to get season started. Get ready for the weekend But it's really impactful gay for us to get back to the community. I'll make a couple of points on friday. I think this is a couple of times Some mcdonalds and some high bs flags those have been restocked. We paid for that this year. We ordered more than we've ever ordered before. In addition there are a number of mcdonald's as well as easily where you can still get flags and will continue to sell them at the pro shop this weekend. Mark really appreciate the time. Thanks for joining us. Thanks guys and with that. That's the end of from the podium. This week stay tuned on the arrowhead. Pride podcast network as we have a new day for best of the week. That's coming at you on saturday morning. Thank you for joining us this week and enjoy the first game weekend of the twenty twenty one regular season..

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